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Do not feed the ducks :(

I’ve been wanting to take the boys to feed the ducks for a long time. Arnold park was the only place I could even think of that allows it. Well, Arnold park finally reopened after being closed for a long time (due to flooding.) So we packed up the family and headed to the park. The first thing I noticed is that there were no ducks. Probably because of the second thing I noticed. A sign that said “no duck feeding!!!!!” (Probably worded a little differently) Well, that sign wasn’t going to ruin our fun. We headed to the playground on this beautiful July 1st (with weather in the 70s!!) The boys had a lot of fun. They need more opportunities to run out all their energy. We need a house with a huge backyard. It tends to feel really cooped up in our house and you can tell they are a lot happier outdoors.

toddler going down slide
Even daddy danced his way down the slide. This picture just cracks me up.
don slide
two boys sliding
dad helping boy on monkey bars
dad helping little boy on monkey bars
daddy helping toddler with monkey bars
kids on playground
boy swinging
Then these fools met up with us for a bit.
They took the picture, not realizing that I have the power to post it.
best friends
I asked Stef to snap a picture of our family. Maggi took this one with my phone.
big family

We had a fun day. It isn’t over yet! We’re about to go snuggle up on mommy and daddy’s bed to watch “Night at the Museum.” The boys don’t know it yet. Kingston is about to go to bed and then we will surprise them. They think it’s so fun and special to watch a movie in our room so I’m excited to surprise them!

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