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whimsical photoshoot

Last week I shared the whimsical maternity shoot that I did with Rachel. Life has been super busy and hectic lately (in a good way!) so I’m just now getting the chance to share the pictures I took that night.
My brain is constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions so I’m going to be super creative and deem this the “whimsical photoshoot.”
Like I said in my last post, Rachel and I had been talking about this idea for months. We were both anxious to get out with our cameras and just have fun taking pictures. I am positive we looked like total dorks going to the park in our long, white dresses. But once we got past being embarrassed about it, we got some (in my opinion) dreamy photos 🙂
girl posing on fallen log
girl standing in forest
girl in white dress
girl in white dress sitting on fallen log
girl posing in white dress in the forest


girl looking up at trees


zoomed out shot of girl in white dress in forest


looking up at the sky


portrait shot of girl outside


girl smiling outside

Rachel has to be the easiest person to photograph. Gorgeous in every single picture! I’m so thankful for a friend who is beautiful inside and out.

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