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whimsical maternity photos

For many, many months, Rachel and I have been talking about doing some sort of whimsical/woodland type of photoshoot. She went off and got engaged/married and has been super busy but we were finally able to squeeze in a fun little photo session a couple of weeks ago. 
Since I was 35 weeks along, I ended up with some fun maternity shots. Rachel did an amazing job, as always. Her model was a little hard to work with though 😉 
I just wanted to share a few before the baby arrives! 
woman in white dress in forest by stream


pregnant woman looking down at ground


woman in white dress by trees


posing by trees


cracking up at photoshoot


girl sitting on rocks in white dress
pregnant woman looking back


pregnant girl in white dress sitting on fallen tree


jessica in the grass


jessica holding pregnant belly


holding pregnant belly while sitting down


jessica roberts in white dress
Thanks, Rachel, for a fun night out and some special memories!!
And as soon as I get the chance, I will be sharing the pictures that I took that night. I had a gorgeous model to work with! 
Photo credit: Rachel Gunby– Apricot Studio


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