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Wedding Eve

Friday night was the rehearsal and dinner for the #timanie wedding. Because we had to be ready and in St. Charles for pictures the next morning, Scott and Amy generously put us up in a fancy hotel.

These pictures aren’t the best
hotel room
hotel bed
getting ready in the hotel
hotel floors
It was very nice with a huge yummy breakfast. After we checked in, we headed to the rehearsal. About halfway there, Maggi starting panicking because she couldn’t find her phone, but was pretty positive she didn’t leave it in the hotel room. Long story short– we ended up going back to the hotel and found her phone in our former parking space. Not before Maggi had gone on a mad dash back to our room. With the phone retrieved, and on edge a bit from all that just happened, we thought we’d recover on the drive to the church. That probably could have happened had Maggi not seen a spider crawling in a cushion on the back of her mom’s seat. Let’s just say there was lots of screaming, jumping, napkin throwing, laughing, and even some tears.
There was a lot more laughter that continued through the evening.
It was a fun time shared with my closest friends. Thanks to Mayci for watching precious Evangeline!!!
You can just feel the excitement oozing from them that they had for the next day
bride and groom
I snapped a couple reception pictures before the place was swarming with hundreds of people
wedding reception coffee table
drink table at wedding reception
We are dorks
best friends posing on stage
posing on stage
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