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Today I am going to try something new, inspired by a couple of blogs that I follow–Rubyellen of Cakies and Studio DIY.

Each week they round up different links to share. I know some people really don’t have the time or desire to click around to different sites–and I really understand! I don’t click every single link. But sometimes you just get lured in by little clickable links that say things like easy homemade cronuts—which I still need to try…maybe covered in cinnamon sugar. 
Before I start, have you heard of Hungry Games on the Food Network? Neither had I until my sister in law texted me this past week and told me my boys were on it! I immediately reached out to the world of social media to see if anyone could record it. We still have yet to see the full episode but we did get a little sneak peek.
I have had several people ask how that even happened. We started creating stock videos recently and this was our first sale! It’s amazing that not only did we get to see how it was used, but that it was aired on the Food Network–seriously my favorite TV station for the past 12+ years.
Speaking of being on TV, my brother’s band Greek Fire, performed on Fox 2 yesterday.
But that’s nowhere near as cool as having their song featured in the trailer for the upcoming Disney movie “Big Hero 6”.
This truffle recipe is so addictive–seriously my favorite.
One of my favorite blogs did a little NYC video guide series that inspires me so much!
I’m hoping to copy Maggi’s Halloween donuts this week for the boys.
I’m really wanting to go out and enjoy the colors of fall this weekend since it’s probably at the peak of its beauty before the leaves start falling.
Have a great weekend!
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