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they say it’s your birthday

Our little Kai guy turned 4 last week! We did a little celebrating last Monday with our Tuckahoe friends. Kai requested an ice cream cake and Star Wars cake. The cake was anything but fancy. I just stuck some of their Star Wars toys (I washed them, don’t worry) into the cake. Pretty lame. But this kid was so giggly and excited for his special cake!
birthday boy ideas
birthday cake
little boy birthday
We had plans to go to Culver’s to celebrate on his actual birthday. But to make this birthday more memorable, he and I got strep throat instead. I debated all day whether or not we should go get tested. The only reason I even went was because Don had just had it. So we headed to Walgreens and were both diagnosed with strep throat. Bummer! Then we went to Target to get some ibuprofen for my poor little guy. As we were about to head inside, the tornado sirens started going off. I knew I would rather be inside Target than driving around in the dark with tornadoes, so we ran inside and hung out until the sirens were done. Let’s just say that I probably won’t forget his 4th birthday…at least for a few years.
Thankfully, once we had the antibiotics in our system, we started feeling better pretty quickly. I had gotten Kai a happy meal during our night out, but he fell asleep before he even got to eat it. I’m pretty sure this was the first happy meal he’s ever gotten. It made his day when he got to have it the next day for lunch.
birthday meal
If I had to describe Kai, I would use words like: silly, random, giggly, cheerful, crazy, lovable, sweet, hyper. He is always saying and doing silly things. And has the craziest dance moves. He’s been a dancer since he was a baby.
I did a little interview with him like I did last year. Quite a few answers were the same this year.
Age: 4
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: pig
Favorite song: Amazing Grace
Favorite toy: his new Iron Man toy
Favorite game: Mystery Mansion
Favorite food: chicken and hot dogs
Favorite drink: milk
Favorite dessert: Star Wars cake
Favorite thing to do with mommy: play with Miss
Favorite thing to do with daddy: play Sonic
Favorite thing to do with Liam: play Toejam and Earl
Favorite thing to do with Kingston: watch him be good
Favorite thing to do with Evangeline: cuddle
Best friend: Evangeline
What he wants for birthday dinner: Stromboli
Favorite movie: Star Wars
Favorite restaurant: “Starvation Army” (Me: “Kai, that’s not a place to eat. And it’s called ‘SALVATION army.'”) Kai: “Oh. Then Culver’s.”
Favorite instrument: guitar
What do you want to do when you grow up: “I wanna be a pillow.” He also answered: gardener
Favorite superheroes: Superman
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little boy playing with toys


birthday boy
little friends


boy eating ice cream

I love to look back and see the ways he’s changed over the past year. The interview questions may not be that exciting to anyone else, but posts like this make me thankful that I started blogging. It’s special to me to be able to watch them grow through this blog.
Kai is so special to us! We sure do love him!

P.S. We made up for our cancelled trip to Culver’s. 

P.P.S. Salted caramel is an amazing topping. I could probably eat spoonfuls of it.

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