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I never thought I would have a blog. It sounds like a good idea, a way to remember bits and pieces of life’s happenings. But it’s time consuming for a wife and mother of 3 (with one due in 15 weeks!) But after Maggi started her blog, she was very pro-blog. After telling me “there’s an app for that,” everything sounded easier. Because I don’t plan on writing huge blog posts for thousands of followers, I can just write my “bits and pieces” without worrying about my poor writing skills or the fact that I tend to go overboard when telling the details of a story.

I’ve tried keeping a journal with the funny or cute stories of being the mother of 3 crazy boys, but it always seems that I can’t find a pen or I just don’t remember to write it down by the time I get to my notebook. With an app, I’m hoping that I can type up a quick post soon after it happens. We’ll see how this goes. If it fails, oh well. If I can keep up with it, great! I have memories documented that I can look back on. 

What prompted me today, however, was my sweet little 4 year old, Liam. He seems to be getting sweeter as he gets older. He loves to snuggle with me and says the most random, hilarious things. I had just finished making the boys some really fancy quesadillas (microwaved cheese on a tortilla.) I set them in front of the boys in the dining room and went back to the kitchen to finish making my lunch. Liam ran into the kitchen, gave me a huge hug, and said “Thanks for making me lunch!” Totally adorable and random. And so sweet to think he appreciated me doing something that I do (most) every day. Then he ran back to his seat and started on his lunch, not before he yelled “Mommy, you’re the prettiest maker!” “Maker” is his term for the person who makes the food. Something so simple can really make my day. It’s exciting to see his personality developing. 

Anyway, this is a longer post than I plan to post in the future. I’ll end it with a picture of Liam and his new friend, Annie. A doll that my mom made for me when I was younger. I told him he could hold on to it until Evangeline is here. Totally best friends, learning sight words together.

liam and annie


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