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The beloved blankies

Liam will be 5 in just over a month. We started some kindergarten work with him this past week. I guess he’s done kindergarten work since he turned 4, because that’s when I started to teach him to read. He is a great reader now and is doing super well with kindergarten math! We just really need to work on that kid’s handwriting. Just over the few days we’ve been doing the math workbook, I’ve seen his numbers improve. I have a fast learner who loves to learn. I mean, that kid! I have to actually force him to stop and take breaks.

Why am I saying all this? Because this grown up kid, the kindergartner, the one who is about to turn 5? Yeah, him. He still loves his blankie. The one he has had since he was a baby. We’ve had moments of frantically searching for that thing right before bedtime. There used to be days he would refuse to sleep without it. But now, there are random nights he forgets it. And he doesn’t carry it with him everywhere. Our days with this blankie are coming to a close. However, Kai is still pretty obsessed with his blankie and Kingston is in the beginning stages of loving his. His love of the blankie is coming later in life. He wants one because his brothers have one. He wants to fit in, I suppose. So while I’ll miss these blankie days, I know there are more good things to come!
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