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This past week kept us busy with lots of different things going on.

My dad and Eileen were in town for Thanksgiving so they took us to the Magic House. We had such a good time. I found myself saying “We need one of these in our house” multiple times. It was so much fun watching the boys try new things, figuring out how they work, and finding out the results. Also, Liam would do a great job working at a grocery store. He did an amazing job “restocking” the mock grocery store. He was very serious about the job and very diligent. And he made $35 in about 10 minutes.
Their favorite part of the day was being inside the bubble.
boys in elevator
The next day, we made some simple crowns. It gave the boys a chance to focus their creativity on something. They have been asking to do crafts almost daily now.
Liam was determined to color his like Princess Toadstool
boys wearing paper crowns

Thursday was Thanksgiving. And like every year, we spent the day at the Lees’ house with them and all the Tuckahoe crew.

I didn’t take too many pictures of the day.
These pictures happen when you lose all sense of creativity
my friends
stephanie and maggi 2
best friends
Tim and Stef felt like royalty with their turkey leg.
married couple eating
Uncle Muncle came over for a visit yesterday. We hadn’t seen him since July. The boys had a good time climbing all over him, sneezing on him, and cuddling next to him.
3 boys and uncle
uncle and baby
Kai always says the most random things. Therefore, I like to ask him random questions. One thing Mark asked Kai was “what do you think about the new policies for Obamacare?” Kai said “no, that’s too scary!”
Wise beyond his years.
Unfortunately, we had to miss out on a Kesselring visit today because one of their kids was sick. But it was a fellowship Sunday so we stayed at church instead.
Who’s more hipster?? Probably Maggi 😉
coffee drinkers
And a couple other pictures I like from the week
Evangeline loves to help wake up her daddy
dad and baby
mom and little boy
Looking forward to a good week with some fun Christmas activities!
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