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Super Roberts Brothers (Silent Film)

I’ve always loved making videos. Growing up, my friends and I would get together any chance we could get to make dorky little movies. We didn’t really know what we were doing. We had to think outside the box because we didn’t have programs to edit our videos when we were done. And to prove how “retro” and “vintage” we were, I’ll let you know that those movies were filmed directly to a VHS. So old school.
But in recent months, it’s become a fun hobby for me. I love videoing little snippets of each day and putting them together. I love that I married a musician (even more important, a composer!!) that can whip up any music that I request. However, when I came to him a couple weeks ago with my plan for a silent film, he wasn’t too thrilled with the thought. That was not a genre that he felt comfortable writing in the least bit. But I know how talented he is, so I wasn’t worried at all. 
So last weekend, with 2 of the kids skipping their naps, we worked and worked to film this movie. I had a whole vision with this film, with how it would look when it turned out, and I’m pleased that it turned out so well. We had a good time making it! I’m so happy that they’ll have this memory on film when they get older. 

This movie was filmed with my iPhone with the 8mm app. Edited in Windows Live Movie Maker. (Just showing how fancy I am.) 

If you or anyone you know ever needs a composer for any project, my husband is the one for the job. He can write anything–and this video (and his website) prove it. That’s my sales pitch! C’mon, we want him working from home!!

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