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Storm watching

It’s sort of a Roberts family tradition. Last night was Evangeline’s first experience. I have always loved watching and listening to storms. It’s so relaxing and puts me in such a good mood. One of our favorite things to do as a family is sit on our porch swing and watch the rain pouring down. The boys love to play in the rain. One day soon, when I don’t have plans after the storm, I plan to join them. Since Stef has been waiting for a blog post about our love of storm watching, I made sure to snap a few pictures of us on the swing.

Our new garage sale chair that Liam has claimed for himself.
little boy on lawn chair
dad and toddler boy
young boy in rain
We were playing with Instagram’s new video feature. Liam’s dancing in the rain was the perfect opportunity.
dad and 2 boys
mom and 2 kids
mom and 4 kids
Liam is the cutest photo bomb!
married couple with little boy photobombing
These are the first and only pictures we have of all 6 of us. That needs to change.
big family
This is what Evangeline thought of all our photoshoots.
large family
 Let’s hope there are more opportunities to storm watch again soon!!
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