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St. Louis City Garden

This past week we were able to make it out to the City Garden on the perfect day. I have been wanting to cram all the fun St. Louis activities in before it starts getting too hot outside and I start getting too uncomfortable to do much walking. An added plus is that kids are not on summer break yet, giving us the chance to avoid the crowds.
Have you been to the City Garden before? I have decided, after this past visit, that this is one of my favorite things to do in the city. I only wish it was closer so we could visit more often! It is, quite literally, a garden that is tucked in the midst of a busy city. It is so much fun to see the city buildings and the Arch while playing in the park!
little girl at city garden

Of course the main attraction for us is the splash pad. All four of the kids love anything to do with water. And when the kids are happy, mommy is happy. 
I think we’re destined to live close by the beach/ocean. Our family is always happier when there is sand and water involved. Need proof?

girl running at water park


dad and boy playing in water
kids activities
We were there to celebrate Evangeline’s birthday and I think it’s safe to say that she enjoyed her birthday celebration. I mean, that face!! 
birthday girl


birthday girl


Part of the fun of the day was getting the chance to play around with the camera. “Freezing” the water with a high shutter speed made for some really neat pictures. And then there are all the genuine smiles that I caught that make me super happy.
big family

kids splashing water

family fun
boy at splash pad


cool water freeze frame


boy smacking water
city garden giant head statue


st louis city garden


boy and st louis arch in background


evangeline running by head statue


photo credit: Liam
married couple


photobomb: Kingston
married couple kissing
In case I haven’t talked it up enough, make sure you visit the City Garden! It’s a fun place to go, day or night. If you do happen to visit at night, all the fountains in the splash pad are all lit up different colors. There are also small pools for the kids to swim once they open after Memorial Day. 
We will be visiting again very soon 🙂
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