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Spring is here!!

Finally!! My favorite season. I always say it’s my reward for surviving winter (my least favorite season.) And I feel like it’s especially true this year. I think I’ve mentioned this before but we have had back to back sicknesses since the last week of 2016. 3 solid months of having sickness in our house, with only a few breaks (each break only lasting a week, at most.) We have been fever free for one week now! And I’m just hoping that the way I’m feeling right now doesn’t lead to another sickness because I will probably cry.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop over here and just give a little update on our lives because I haven’t had too much of a chance (or the energy/motivation) to keep up with my blog lately. Last week, on the first day of spring, (when these pictures were taken) we had a beautiful 86 degree day! Last year at this time I was pregnant and we really didn’t spend too much time outdoors. But this year will be different. We try to get out there as much as we can. We live on a pretty quiet street. So even though we don’t have much of a backyard, we spend quite a bit of time in the front yard and taking walks up and down the sidewalks. Everyone is much happier and kinder to one another when we aren’t stuck inside. And I’m less stressed because I don’t see messes that need to be cleaned up 😉

Clementine gets so much attention in our family. Everyone is obsessed with her. It’s so special to watch each of their relationships with her. It makes me wonder if they’ll always treat her this way. For the most part, the boys still treat Evangeline like royalty so I’m hoping the same will be true for Clem.

These smiles!! Every time I set the camera down, someone else would ask me to take a picture of them…just because they thought it was hilarious to smile every time I said “don’t smile.” I always have mixed feelings about that little game because I wonder if they’ll start to think they can turn disobeying into a game. But so far they’ve figured out when it’s “okay” to disobey and when it’s not. And I end up with these beautiful smiles. So I think i’m okay with it for now.

Kai had a fever this day and started dealing with daily headaches for a while too. He would complain about it being too bright. Of course my brain has two settings. 1) way too laid back. 2) panic and google every symptom. In this situation, I started to panic. With my history, my brain always makes me assume cancer. Thankfully that worry slipped away as soon as it came into my mind. I also worried about migraines or the need for glasses, but thankfully it must have been some weird little virus because after one week, the headaches stopped!

Clem’s obsession—grabbing onto her feet! It’s totally adorable! And because I’ve been asked before, her bracelet was a gift from my mother-in-law from June and Penny

Also, this camera? It’s one of the kids’ favorites! I had a blog post in mind to share some of their (well, mainly Clementine’s) favorite toys right now. But sick kids have prevailed lately. The blog post was going to be “Clementine’s favorite toys at 5 months.” She will be 6 months old next Tuesday. So I’ll have to rename the blog post but she still has the same “favorite toys.” So it works 😉

We have been coming up with some scavenger hunts to do along our walks. Nothing that creative. But if anyone has some fun outdoor spring activities to suggest (that don’t require a lot of prep or money) send them my way because I trust my readers more than a pinterest board!

Also!! We entered a video contest to win $10k. The top 10 videos will go to the judges who will decide who the winner is. Thank you to everyone who has already voted for us or shared our video. This would be an amazing blessing for our family to win. You do have to have a facebook account to enter but voting only takes like 30 seconds and you don’t have to register for anything!

Vote HERE!!!

So anyway, that sums up what has been going on with us! Now that spring is here, I hope to have a lot more to add to this space and hopefully Don
can get back to vlogging. Here’s his most recent upload for anyone interested. Thank you for reading along!!

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