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sink baths and celebrations

Has anyone noticed how random my blog is? That’s why it’s so hard for me to title my entries. A multitude of events, all jammed in one post. This blog is very much a reflection of my brain. Random and thinking of multiple things at the same time. And hopefully it’s evident that it’s full of love for my family and friends.
this picture just makes my heart melt.
cute baby girl


Don’s birthday was on Friday. He officially entered his last year in his 20’s! I made his favorite meal for his birthday dinner (it’s definitely one of my favorites right now, too!) 
If you’re looking for an amazing meal, try this amazing potato soup recipe. And to kick it up a notch, try serving it in a pretzel bread bowl. Amazing! For real.
birthday dinner
birthday boy


big family


Evangeline hates baths. So bath time with her is never something I look forward to. The other day, I decided to plop her in the sink to scrub her down. I don’t know why I had never given a sink bath before. It was absolutely adorable and so much easier than the bathtub! 
I mean, how cute are these?
sink bath baby


cute baby


evangeline 4


evangeline 5
evangeline 6
 Saturday night was a special night to celebrate this ‘Loving’ couple and their 30 years of marriage. They are a wonderful example of what a godly marriage should look like, through the ups and the downs. They also happen to be the best landlords ever 😉
The lighting was so low, romantic, and lovely. but I was forced to use a flash, which I have no clue how to use.
married couple
this photo idea was a collaboration with Liam and also my favorite picture of the night 
heart shaped hands


we danced the night away. I’m paying for it today
little boy dancing
anniversary dance
 Happy anniversary Billy and Cyndi! Here’s to another 30 🙂


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