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September Recap

Happy October! Yesterday we celebrated Clementine’s first birthday (which I’ll share about soon) but for now I’m popping in to recap September. We’re already 5 days into October and I’m just now getting the chance to sit down and blog. I keep saying “when life slows down I’ll….(fill in the blank)” But life doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Hopefully I will get the chance to share a few posts over the next week or so!

September did have some nice days (mixed in with miserably hot days) so we took advantage of one of the nicer days to spend a little time in Forest Park. I’m hoping that October cools off a bit more so we can get back out and play again because I think that everyone is much happier when we’re spending our days outdoors.

Don and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on September 7th! I’ll share a few more photos in a different blog post when I get done with the other billion things on my to-do list (that’s laughable!) But it was such a great time to get away for a brief little getaway to see the sunflowers in Lawrence, Kansas. It was incredible to see in person and we’re already talking about going again next year, along with the kids.

I’m finding it harder to fit all the kids in a square cropped photo when they’re lying down. I already have to stand on a chair to fit them all in. So when baby girl arrives, I may need to stand on a ladder haha. Also, suckers are the ultimate bribe to keep them still. There’s my pro tip for you 😉

I already posted about our apple picking adventure, but I had to share a couple of my iphone shots. P.S. I’m still using an iPhone 6 but really wanting to upgrade. Does anyone have the 8/8+? I’m dying for the better camera but dreading the thought of having a giant phone with the 8+. Tell me it’s worth the obnoxiousness!

The Chick-fil-a locations in the St. Louis area had a promotion for a free sandwich/nuggets if you wore Cardinals attire on certain days. We took advantage of it every single time (minus the time we were out of town.) When you say “free,” be expecting our family to show up. #noshameinourgame. I legit went to thrift stores to purchase Cardinals shirts for everyone because we are the polar opposites of sports fans. But, you know, free food. Desmond didn’t have a shirt but he wore this hat and I was obsessed with how adorable he looked.

Desmond–he makes up for all the cuddling that Clementine rejects.

These group shots with the kids are sometimes the most difficult to get, but always my most treasured.

And in case you somehow missed it, we found out that our girl squad is growing! We are so excited to be adding a new baby sister in February! I cant wait for all the matching/coordinating opportunities!

We went to a family camp with our church this past weekend and ended up coming home with sickness. Thankfully the stomach bug has only hit a few (so far) but the allergy/asthma issues that are sticking around are becoming a bigger issue. I had to spend a couple of hours of Clementine’s birthday yesterday at the doctor with Liam as he received breathing treatments. We came home with a nebulizer and a jittery kid from getting medication around the clock. Poor kid. But hopefully we’re moving past this and we’ll be back to a healthy household soon!

Don’t forget to watch the September video (just over a minute!) and have a great week!


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