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San Francisco iphone shots

The last of our San Francisco pictures! Yay! Then I can go back to blogging about our crazy life. By the way–these pictures are not in chronological order!
Have I mentioned how much I love the houses there? 😉 Seriously. I stopped so many times to take pictures of houses every time we walked or drove anywhere. But I won’t bore you with all of them…just a few of my favorites.
san fran rainbow house
1) Don entered into the “man bag” world for this trip and it was great having someone else to lug around camera stuff part time! He loves that I call it his purse 😉 2) The Full House house!! 3) and 4) Those famous painted ladies!!
full house house and painted ladies san fran


1) and 2) I mentioned in my last post about an amazing bakery that we went to. It’s called Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. They serve cruffins (croissant + muffin) every day in a limited quantity. We got there wayyyy too early. They roll out at 9am and we expected a line to form pretty early based on what I had heard. We got there around 7:30, grabbed a life changing chocolate croissant and a donut and just hung out until we started the line around 8:40. I would suggest getting there around 8:45 and not super early (at least for a weekday.) The flavor that day was supposed to be brownie walnut but for some reason they were serving key lime pie. I’m definitely not a lime fan but the cruffin itself was amazing and I would DEFINITELY put it on my list of recommendations. And while you’re there, get some chocolate croissants!
3) We also tried Bi-rite Creamery which was supposedly a big deal there. To me, it was nothing special but I do love salted caramel and chocolate ice cream together. 4) Ghirardelli was connected to our hotel so we grabbed these amazing chocolate dipped waffle cones with Ghirardelli chocolate ice cream. Now THAT was good ice cream.
san fran ice cearm and treats


I had to make this collage of the back of my head because it totally cracks me up. 1) Painted Ladies 2) Muir Woods 3) Golden Gate Bridge 4) Twin Peaks
san fran landmarks


FOOD! 3 of the 4 burger places we had while we were there. 1) Super Duper Burger–it was pretty good but nothing too amazing. 2) hotel breakfast 3) In-n-Out 4) Causwells (not our favorite!)
cheeseburgers and other san fran food


1) generic flight shot. 2) pretty blooms and color combo! 3) flamingo graffiti 4) love seeing palm trees!!
san fransico iphone pictures 3


1) 15 weeks belly shot in front of a pretty house that I matched. 2) and one at Muir Woods. 3) Self timer at Muir Woods. Nailed it! 4) Lombard Street
san fran landmarks


Now the back of Don’s head get its turn in the spotlight at Muir Woods and Twin Peaks. The other shots are the pretty views from Alcatraz.
san fransico iphone pictures 5
And that’s a wrap! Now we can get back to normal life. 
If you’re interested in the other posts here’s Part One, Part Two, and Part Three!


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