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#robertstakeontheeastcoast day 4

Wednesday we had planned to spend all day at the beach, taking some breaks. While it didn’t end up happening like that, Wednesday was really fun for us all.

We started the morning by going to the beach. It felt nice while the sun was shining. But it was another windy day. The boys didn’t mind a bit!
Building sand castles
boys making sand castles with dad
This is a horrible picture but Liam’s face cracks me up
liam funny face
Family beach picture!
big family at the beach
mom and baby
mom kissing baby girl
Evangeline took a really long nap while we were there. I ended up putting on my cardigan because I was getting goose bumps. But it was still a lot of fun trying to hunt for seashells. We didn’t find many shells but we did see some crabs!
Then we headed back to the house. Don grilled some hot dogs and Liam was able to ride the bike around a bit.
boy riding bike with training wheels
3 boys sitting on van
Notice the flip flops. I never thought I’d see my husband wear flip flops!!
man grilling hot dogs
A little while later, I noticed that Kingston and Evangeline had red faces. They got sunburnt 🙁 It was my fault because I didn’t put sunscreen on them.
You probably can’t see it too well in this picture, but here she is with her redness, poor girl!
cute baby with sunburn
We weren’t sure what to do after hanging out at the house for a while. I wanted to find a place to watch the sunset over the water. We had tried to find somewhere the night before and couldn’t find out how to get there. My dad suggested Jockey’s Ridge. A giant sand dune park. I’m so glad he talked it up. We went there around 6:30 and I’m so glad we did. It was probably my favorite part of the trip. We put jackets on and the weather felt perfect.
These sand dunes are huge. And we walked the whole time barefoot. With all that nice, soft sand between our toes. I’m sure you love that visual Maggi!
sand dunes
cool clouds
kids walking around at sand dunes
The silhouette pictures were so fun to take
sand dunes nags head
married couple
We had a beautiful sunset on one side and a full, pretty moon on the other side
pink sunset at sand dunes
footprints in the sand
Someone kindly got a silhouette picture of our whole family. I love how it turned out–even though you can’t see Kingston or Evangeline.
large family
sand dunes 6
boys at sand dunes in outer banks
The boys thoroughly enjoyed playing on the dunes. We would let the run pretty far ahead, which I think they thought was great! We loved the experience so much that we decided to go again in the morning.
I loved the dunes!!
Whew, two posts in one night 🙂
Now I’m off to bed so we can spend another full day exploring DC!
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