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I just have a few random pictures to post. Recently, I’ve been really loving the look of black and white photos…especially since it tends to clean up (a tiny bit) the grainy, low lit pictures taken at night.

mom and baby
He can look so sweet and innocent sometimes 🙂
toddler boy smiling
toddler sitting
I love this squishy sleeping face.
sleeping newborn
And her long lashes..
newborn baby with long eyelashes
Last week, Don’s mom brought us the books he wrote when he was a kid. The boys loved them and wanted to make their own. So I had the boys tell me their stories while I wrote them down. We stapled some pages together and they illustrated their stories. It was a lot of fun to watch them come up with the plots. Kai’s story was pretty funny!
boy writing stories
Evangeline came to join us at the table
kai and evangeline
She also got to sit in the cart for the first time. This was the look she gave. I don’t think she liked it too much.
cute baby in shopping cart
Stephanie’s baby shower was on Saturday. I can’t wait to meet that precious baby boy! She is a beautiful mama! It’s so encouraging to see how God has given her the grace she needs to make it through each day–as He does for me, too.
baby shower
I saw a similar onesie at Babies R Us a couple months ago so I wanted to attempt a DIY. I think it’ll look pretty cute on Paton! Now that I know what I’m doing, I hope to be able to make more for gifts.
diy baby onesie
I’m looking forward to this weekend. Don and I will be going on a date–for the first time in a year and a half! I can’t wait!
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