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playing at the creek

As I’ve mentioned before, we have been trying to take advantage of Don’s weekends to hit up places in our area to do something fun with the kids. We have been fortunate to have some pretty perfect weather on the days we go out. This past Monday was no exception.
We checked out the creek at Mastodon State Park. The boys had been there before and absolutely loved it. So we stopped by the dollar store to pick up some creek essentials. Because apparently the creek isn’t nearly as fun if you don’t have nets to catch fish or buckets to house the fish.
catching fish in the creek


It also isn’t nearly as easy to catch fish with a butterfly net as one would think.
But!! I did catch one for the boys and Don got a tadpole. So everyone was happy–until Liam realized that we were not taking them home as pets. 
dad and son in creek
Getting packed up and getting to our spot was a bit stressful. But I knew it would be worth it once we set up our chairs and the kids started playing. And I was so right!
helping little sister


little girl by stream


kids activities
Evangeline ended up tripping and, consequently, went slightly under water at one point. She was a little bit traumatized. She spent probably 30 minutes cuddled up next to me afterwards. Not a happy event for her but I’ll take all the cuddles I can get 🙂
mom and little girl


We found this fun donut inflatable at the dollar store! I’m not the only one in my family who was excited about it.
There may have been an incident with a certain 6 year old accidentally letting it float away. Followed by a big break down. Followed by his dad going downstream to see if it had gotten caught anywhere. Thankfully he was able to retrieve it and our family is still in possession of our very special $1 inflatable donut. 
riding inflatable donut in the water


boy playing with toys


happy boy
evangeline playing with rocks


boy eating watermelon


teaching the fine art of skipping rocks
dad showing kids how to skip rocks


young dad skipping rocks
evangeline at the stream

Days like this make it worth the hassle of loading up tons of stuff and lugging all of it (plus 4 children) to a creek. In the end, you forget about how much stress was involved in getting there and you can just enjoy the memories made. 

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!! (Hopefully with more good weather!!)

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