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our vacation (in iphone pictures)

We arrived home late last night from our Outer Banks vacation. I feel like a zombie today but if I don’t get started on these blog posts, I will never get them done. Instead of sifting through our (approximately) 28gb of pictures/videos, I’m going through my nearly 500 iphone pictures first. Let’s just say that I am enjoying photography. 

I’ll be breaking up our trip into a few other posts, but for now–here’s our vacation, in iphone pictures…
***I am giving you fair warning that this post is loaded with pictures!

cool bridge
a quick stop to see Mark
uncle and kids


boys with uncle
mom and cute baby


dad and baby looking at ocean


father daughter on beach
boy on the beach


grandpa and boy in ocean


beach umbrella


mom and baby on beach


cute baby playing on beach


bird flying in the air


grandpa and toddler boy holding hands


baby girl sitting on sand


sunset on the beach


more sunsets


drawing hearts in the sand


sunset over pier


pier 2


man on sandy bridge


underneath pier


little boat on lake




little boy and baby girl playing in sand


dad and 2 boys on beach


I didn’t think it was possible to actually relax on the beach with 4 young children. It’s so possible when they all love it.
relaxing on the beach


cute baby girl playing in sand


toddler boy on beach


man floating in the air


rainbow over the ocean


double rainbow at the beach


saltwater taffy


kill devils cheeseburger


chocolate ice cream cone from kill devils


bodie lighthouse


big family at lighthouse


bodie lighthouse


beach in nags head north carolina


duck donuts nags head NC


3 boys on bench


three boys at sand dunes


sand dunes at nags head north carolina


jumping in the air


3 kids walking


baby playing in sand


sunset 3


boy drawing in the sand


pink clouds
boats in the dock


young mom holding baby in the air


family beach time


married couple


evangeline 5


sunset 4


boy and reflection in water


a date with Liam to the kite festival
boy watching kite


octopus kite


boy flying kite


cool kites


mom and boy


boys on bridge


sunset over pier


sunset over houses


pier 4


chocolate sprinkle donut over womans eye


If you made it this far, congratulations! That was probably far too many pictures for one post. We had an amazing trip–but it’s so good to be home.
More posts to come over the next week!


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