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Our Christmas Mess

Every year, the Tuckahoe/Lee gang get together for an annual Christmas cookie baking/decorating night. This year it finally got a much needed, very appropriate name: Our Christmas Mess. With 10 Tuckahoe children 5 and under, things tend to get messy. It has been so much fun adding new kids to the tradition each year. The Lovings had the dining room decked out for this special event. I only wish a camera could have captured the beauty. Perhaps Maggi got some good ones.

 Liam and Penelope are ready to begin
little friends
boy cutting sugar cookies
    christmas cookies
Reading time with Grandmamie. I worry that she won’t know how to interact with the new grandchild on the way.
woman reading to kids


Now the fun part! Time to decorate! We have a good amount of creativity in our group.
putting icing on cookie


boy decorating christmas sugar cookie


Kingston made a penguin. Maybe Kim helped a little?
toddler boy showing cookie
 Even though she didn’t participate, she still got to wear some festive clothes and look like a doll baby!
dad and baby
The boys loved every bit of it.
little boy showing snowman cookie


We made Peter Pan!
liam 2
colorful icing


He was excited about our Captain America shield
mom and boy
Maggi is very serious about making a special man every year. She has already made a Han Solo before, but this year he was also accompanied by a Luke Skywalker, (made by me), and 2 Darth Vaders (made by Molli and PJ)
best friends
I guess we all had the minion idea at the same time.
my friends
Part of our tradition is to get pictures of all the cookies when they are done and a big group shot of all of us with the cookies. This year, the tradition ended. Most of the group went in the living room to watch The Muppet Christmas movie, while the slightly more mature group sat in the dining room, spending some quality time together.
decorated christmas sugar cookies


star wars cookies
After the movie ended, I asked Liam what he thought about it (because although I didn’t directly say it, you should know that I did not watch the movie with them.) Liams response–“it was super duper long! *sigh*”
I guess he won’t be wanting to watch that one again any time soon. 
We had such a fun night with people who are so dear to us. I can’t wait to see the pictures Maggi took! Thanks to the Lovings for allowing us to join in. And for the yummy, yummy chili!


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