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OBX vacation (part three)

I absolutely love a good sunset. But a sunrise? While I’d love to watch a sunrise, my body just cannot handle being up that early. Maybe one day I’ll develop into one of those crazy early-morning people, but not yet. 

However, since the sun doesn’t set over the ocean in the OBX, the only way I could experience that beauty was to watch a sunrise. The sun sets over water there, but it’s not the ocean. So I knew I would have to try to see a sunrise at least once. Don was so not interested. But when I told him that I would just go by myself, I think he started to worry about me a bit. So he came along. 
We got up bright and early–5am.
ocean sunrise
this little guy has a smile on his face
happy crab


don roberts


pier at outer banks


watching sunrise


sunrise on ocean


sunrise on ocean 2


We were able to go back to the house and get a little bit of sleep before the kids woke up. Then we headed to Festival Park. This park showed what the island was like when the first English settlers came. There was lots of hands-on stuff for the kids to do.


kids activities at festival park






cute baby


small boat in the water


there was also a replica ship of the first ships that landed in this area
grandparents with the kids


little boy looking out window


..and then there was a museum with pirates and guns
pirate costumes


jessica shooting display gun


my husband


big family


We headed back to the house to recoup. The plan was to head out to the beach sometime in the evening so we made a quick little trip over before dinner. I didn’t get many pictures on the camera because there were some gray clouds. Don brought the camera to the van–just in case. Very shortly after he came back, it started raining so we started to head back to the van to leave. As I turned around, I saw a huge, full rainbow over the ocean. It was beautiful! The rain had already stopped so I grabbed the camera and went to snap some pictures. I honestly like the ones from my phone better than the “fancy camera.”
dad with boys


young boy running on beach


double rainbow
The next morning, my dad and Eileen started their trip home. We headed back over to the beach. That trip wasn’t too pleasant. Crabby kids cut our beach time short. So I didn’t take a single picture while we were there. We spent the rest of the morning/afternoon at the beach house. It was storming so it was a good day to spend indoors. The boys played a game of Monopoly, Evangeline napped, and I got to read. 
The plan was to go thrifting after Evangeline woke up. We were disappointed to find out that all the thrift stores out there close at 5 and we didn’t get out until 5:30. So we headed out to try a burger/frozen custard place called Kill Devil’s Frozen Custard. I should probably add that the name of the town is called Kill Devil Hills. Lovely name.
kill devils frozen custard
toddler boy with drink


young boy smiling


ice cream
It was a delicious way to end such a rainy day. The burger was amazing and the frozen custard was pretty delicious too!
So that was the end of day 5…which means I still have 3 more days of vacation to blog. I’m not sure if there will still be anyone looking at these posts by the time I’m done!
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