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OBX vacation (part one)

So as I’ve mentioned before, we took tons of pictures during our vacation. I will be breaking our trip up into 3-4 posts. In case you missed them, I posted all my iphone pictures and our vacation video already. 

It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed since we left for vacation. You spend so much time counting down to a big event, and before you know it, it zips by. I always expect that to happened, but I’m amazed each time. 
Back in September, we had visited the Outer Banks for a few days. We absolutely loved it and were anxious to visit again. 

Since it is a 16 hour drive, we broke it up into two days. On day 1, as we were a few hours outside of Nashville, I texted my brother just to let him know we were going to be passing by him. He asked us to stop by. So we made a very quick stop to see him. It was a good visit…we hadn’t seen him since Christmas. He showed us his band’s new music video (shameless plug!) Check out Greek Fire’s video–I love it!

uncle with kids


she was not always this cute and innocent while traveling
cute baby

We made it about half way on the first day. The second day, we were able to get an earlier start. We arrived at the beach house just in time for dinner. My dad and Eileen were with us for the first few days of our trip. Eileen was so kind to allow us to use her house (again) on this trip and to feed us while we were there. It was greatly appreciated! After dinner, there was a little bit of time to run down to the beach before the sun set. When I say “run”, I actually mean that we drove. The house is about a mile away. 

feet propped up
really long bridges connect the islands to the mainland. they are pretty neat
mainland to island bridge


nags head welcome sign


dad and boy on beach feet in sand


grandpa and two boys


I don’t get very many pictures with my kids unless I specifically ask someone to take one. So these pictures with Evangeline are special
mom and baby


mom and girl


I was afraid that she wouldn’t enjoy the beach. She loved every single bit. From the ocean, to the sand, to being rinsed off and bathed afterwards.
mommy and baby girl


Kai and Kingston are a little more scared of the water. But they love to run as close to it as they can before they get scared and then run away. They played that game so many times during our trip
little boy running from waves


toddler boy running in sand


and Liam was so excited to collect tons and tons of seashells (his favorite part of our trip)
boy holding seashell


toddler standing next to lifeguard post
The next morning, we woke up to the delicious smell of my dad’s famous biscuits and gravy. Famous to my family, at least. Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers flew the first plane, is down the road from Eileen’s house. So we headed there first. It’s pretty incredible to think how much air travel has improved since that first flight.
wilbur wright and orville wright
cute baby girl in stroller
don roberts
boys following grandpa


young mom and baby
big family
3 brothers hugging


my husband


cute toddler


grandpa and boys 2


boy posing for picture


the boys loved posing with all the statues
little boy posing with statue


toddler sitting on statue
boy posing with statue


taking picture then and now


Evangeline was not as trusting
baby crying


large family


wright brothers monument
And that’s where I’m going to leave off this post–strangely, in the middle of day 3.
Stay tuned for more vacation posts!


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