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obx vacation (part four)

Well here is the second to last Outer Banks post. It’s been difficult to narrow down pictures because I have many more that I’d like to share. 
During our last trip to the OBX, we went to see the Bodie Lighthouse on a super windy day. We didn’t even get our kids out of the van last time so I wanted to visit again. So on day 6, we started off with a quick stop there.
dad and kids


we had quite a few people offer to take pictures of our family while we were doing different things. I love all of them–even if they are dark or shot at a strange diagonal angle. 
big family


lighthouse north carolina


bodie lighthouse


we wanted to go check out Jeanette’s Pier, like we did on our last trip. but there was a $2 charge per person so we just played around before the gate.
outer banks beach


brothers sitting on turtle statue


baby girl


little boy smiling


mom and baby girl


toddler boy smiling


large family


I saw an advertisement for “the best donuts in the OBX” so we had to stop to be the judges. Duck Donuts. I will say–they did NOT disappoint! Absolutely amazing. I’m still dreaming about them. After I got home, I saw that they also sell a donut sundae. I know what I’m getting next time!!
best donuts in outer banks

We also hit up all those thrift stores that were closed the day before. We scored some good stuff–including a lens for our camera. Unfortunately, that lens has it’s quirks. It drives me crazy but Don loves it. 

We were excited to visit the sand dunes for the sunset. That was my favorite part of our last trip. I was happy, this time, to have Don carry Evangeline. She grew to love this carrier. 

dad and baby girl


boys at sand dunes


toddler boy
the dunes are a great place to fly kites–Evangeline loved watching all of them.
kites at sunset
cute baby girl


sunset over ocean


sunset 2


sunset 3


jessica roberts


sunset 4


drawing in the sand


the sky was so beautiful–God really is an amazing artist!
ocean sunset


toddler boy watching sunset
We had heard about a festival that was happening the next day, a few miles away from us. We didn’t really know anything about it but we love free things! When we got there, we realized that when they advertised it as “free,” what they really meant was that it was free to watch everyone spend money to do different activities, eat the overpriced festival food, and purchase local (expensive) merchandise at hundreds of booths that were lining the streets of this little town. So basically, we went on a walk, took a few pictures of this little lighthouse, and left. 
The good news is that we also found another thrift store and a yard sale while we were out. So that made it worthwhile. On our way back to the house, we saw an awesome kite festival going on at the sand dunes. We had planned to go to see it after lunch…but by the time we were ready, it was over. Liam and I did get to see it the next day though.
small lighthouse
kingston 4


Since we missed the kite festival, we packed up and went to the beach instead. Liam declared it “the best beach day ever!” Since the storm had just come through the day before, there were tons of seashells that had washed up on the beach. Not many pictures because I seriously was having too much fun collecting shells with Liam.
toddler watching waves at the beach
kids activities


dad and kids


And that’s where I’m leaving off this post. Only one more before I’m done. Thanks for the kind words that some of you have shared with me about my posts/pictures!


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