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November Recap

Happy December! If you’ve been a long time reader (I’m talking 3 years ago,) you may remember when I did Month in a Minute videos. I recorded 2 seconds of each day and compiled them into a video at the end of each month. I loved doing them but eventually got tired of trying to come up with ideas. I felt like it got a bit boring. But we love going back and watching those videos (all 11 months of them!) It’s amazing how much the kids have changed since then. So for the past few months, I have attempted to start up the project again. And FINALLY! November was the winner! What has really helped is that Don is doing it too on our family vlog–only his video is much fancier than mine. It’s fun to see two different perspectives of this past month.

So here’s this month’s video–and November’s iphone photos and Kids Say!

Is anyone sick of Clementine pictures? No? Good. Because I have some more to share. P.S. Nothing will ever be better than a baby in a bonnet.


Okay, except maybe a baby in a bonnet who matches her sister…



Kingston turned 5 in November! I have a few photos from his birthday that I’ll eventually get around to sharing. But, you know, life is crazy.//Also, this picture of a matching brother/sister duo is so, so precious!


We don’t have a traditional time to put up our tree. But this year we went with the Monday before Thanksgiving. I let the kids decorate with the ornaments we have but I ended up taking most of them down because we’re going to switch them up. Now I just need to find the time to go searching for some good ones!//Also, the Christmas jammies from last year still fit my tiny children. Target changed the way their elf pjs look this year so I couldn’t get a matching pair for Clementine. BUT I decided that we needed a little Santa baby in the mix.


Mabel and Clem are back in their matching attire! These baby BFFs make my heart so happy.//And then the whole BFF baby crew!


And the sweetest little package you could ever find under the Christmas tree.

This month I finally remembered to jot down a few things the kids said…although I know I missed some.

Liam–“How old do you have to be to be the president?”


Liam–“How old is Grandpa?”

Me–“Over 60.”

Liam–“You guys should just vote for him.”


(On my birthday)

Kai–“You still look like you’re 28…even though you’re 29.”


Me–“Your fever just means that your body is trying to fight the germs.”

Liam–“Yeah, but don’t try to help your body by drinking hand sanitizer.”


Evangeline asked to play with “chicken logs” (aka Lincoln Logs.)


Reviewing a science lesson about bird feathers–

Me–“What does it mean to have hooked barbules?”

Liam–“Umm…that the barbules are hooked.”


In our house, we like to pretend that Santa is real but my kids know that he isn’t. We were talking about how people tell their kids that Santa is real so that they’ll obey and be good kids.

Kai–“So they’re lying? That means that THEY’RE the ones being bad.”


Liam was explaining a game they were playing that required them singing very loudly.

Liam–“You’re supposed to sing loud and long…like what a female bird looks for when she wants a mate.”

(At least someone is listening in science class.)


That’s all I got! Hope you’re having a good week!

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