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November iPhone photos and Kids say

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of the year! I love the holiday season but I also get overwhelmed with so many plans all the time. Here’s a quick recap of our November with iPhone photos. My favorite social media platform is intagram so the majority of my pictures are posted there. 

1) Instagram does a weekend hashtag project that I love to join whenever it works out. One of the November challenges was “futuristic.” In the future, I foresee the ability to kiss my husband through the phone whenever I want 😉 (also, it was a bit harder to get the end result on that picture than I originally imagined.) 2) A little gift for a friend. 3) My new tradition of laying in Halloween candy on November 1st. 4) I had forgotten about this picture until I was looking through my camera roll. My grandma received these bon bons as a gift and I couldn’t resist the photo-op displaying the life of a stereotypical housewife (minus the soap operas on tv)

november iphone pictures 1
My birthday was in November and my only 2 requests were ice cream from Ices and a picture with my kids. Check and check.
birthday ice cream
So much lovin’ around here. That picture of Desmond kissing Evangeline? love it!
november iphone pictures 3


november iphone pictures 4


My brother got married a few weeks ago at this little spot in Forest Park. It looked like it was straight out of a fantasy movie. And then of course there were pictures with dinosaurs. I’m excited to have a new sister!
november iphone pictures 5


When you catch her in a good mood, Evangeline is so much fun to hang out with. She really is one of my best friends. I’m looking forward to the many years watching her grow.
november iphone pictures 6


In case you missed it, we won a trip to San Francisco!! This has been my year of winning contests. To date, my count is up to 10! We are hoping to go in the spring but I haven’t gotten the chance to sit down and call the travel agent. I’m so looking forward to it!
contest winner


And since we just celebrated Thanksgiving, I just have to say that I’m thankful for a hard working husband who works a horrible shift and has to miss out on so many things so that he can provide for our family. I’m also thankful for my 5 children who wear me out but are so wonderful and such a blessing.
november iphone pictures 8

And a few Kids Say quotes that I’ve remembered to write down this month…

On a stressful day, when the kids were driving me crazy, I told them “I need to go on a Mommy vacation.” Kingston said “ooooooo! I wanna go!”

When we were talking about it again later, Liam suggested that I go stay at the “Dirty Inn.”
After going back and forth to figure out what kind of gross hotel he was talking about, I realized he was referring to Drury Inn.

The kids were all crowding around me, fighting over who got to sit right next to me. I said “What are you guys doing?” Kai said “jus’ chillin'”

We were sitting around with the kids, coming up with good jokes for Halloween.
Me–“What do you call a witch on the beach?”
Kai was SO CONFIDENT of his answer as he proudly yelled a not so nice word that starts with “b” and rhymes with witch. My eyes got wide as I calmly said “um no, sandwich. You call her a sandwich.”
**for the record, he hasn’t ever even heard that word before. Just being clever and combining “beach” and “witch” haha

Liam–“What is mommy getting?”
Don–“Ice cream. We didn’t have any.”
Liam–“The yummiest stuff in the world and we didn’t have any?!”

Kai–“Mommy, you should have named me Superman because I’m so strong.”

Kingston–“Yum! What is that?”
Me–“It’s biscotti. But it’s not for today.”
Kingston–“Oh, when Scotti comes over, then we can eat it with him?”

(Talking about how people’s lives are more important that material things.)
Me–“Things can always be replaced. But people can’t. If I died in a fire, you wouldn’t be able to replace me, right?”
Liam–“Yes we could! If we got a new mommy.”

(I’m just feelin’ the love -_-)

Happy December!!

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