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My Little Doll

One of the best things about having a girl is dressing her. I love all the frilly, lacy, girly clothes. And the headbands, bows, flowers, scarves, leggings, boots (need I go on?) to accessorize. It’s like having my own little doll to play with–but so much more fun!

Last year, while I was pregnant with Evangeline, I saw a baby dress at Target that I fell in love with. Problem was, it was $17.50 (on clearance!?!) I wouldn’t even spend that much for a dress for myself, much less a baby who would outgrow it in 2-3 months!
So I waited and kept checking Goodwill, hoping to find it. Imagine my sheer excitement when I saw it hanging on the rack one day!! I immediately purchased it and have been dreaming of putting my baby girl in it ever since.
She got to wear it for the first time today. Let’s just say, this dress did not disappoint. She looked absolutely precious in it! That called for a makeshift photo studio and lots of “mommy acting a fool” behind the camera.
cute baby
baby girl
black and white baby dress
baby in rocking chair
evangeline 5
I think she started to grow impatient with me while I tried to get a clear picture of her in her dress. Kai thought it looked like fun so he wanted to go next.
I was getting a lot of these kind of pictures.
silly boy in rocking chair
Then I asked him to tell me about his favorite foods. So I got a more genuine smile from this food-loving boy.
happy little boy

Too bad he is just like his mommy and likes to change into his “jammies” as soon as we walk in the door.

I hope to get many more uses out of that adorable dress before she gets too big!

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