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my baby is one!

We officially have a one year old! We celebrated Desmond’s first birthday today. This year zipped by so fast. Especially after the wait for him felt like so long. When I was pregnant with him, I was sick and in pain almost the entire second half of my pregnancy. I was also preparing to be a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding as well as in the process of purchasing our first home. It was such a busy season of our lives and I had such a hard time feeling any sort of bond with him before he was born like I had with the others.
Kids Group Shot
I had many worries that maybe I wouldn’t love him as much as I loved the other kids. I had heard other mothers voice this concern before and never understood how they could feel that way. I always knew I would have no problem bonding with my child. But this time just felt different. And while I knew I loved Desmond, I felt like our bond just wouldn’t be the same.
Kids Group Shot 2

But when he was born, all of those feelings quickly vanished. I then found myself feeling so much in love with him as a newborn that I was wanting another baby pretty much as soon as he came out haha. Ever since then, I still feel a special bond with this little guy, our baby #5. This past year with him has been such a joy. 

(It takes a special kind of love to post my swollen pregnancy face on my blog!!)
Jessica and Desmond

Don and Desmond

(photos by Liam and/or Kai)
Don Jessica and Desmond
Don Jessica and Desmond 2

So as what happens with the 5th child (at least in this home–with all of the busyness) we had a simple little birthday celebration with just our family…getting our free Chick-fil-a for Cow Appreciation Day and eating cupcakes made with a box mix.

Happy First Birthday

Happy First Birthday to Desmond

Desmond didn’t mind as he dove in, face first, for his first bite.
Desmond Eating Cake

Desmond Eating Birthday Cake

Desmond Eating Birthday Cake 2


And now for all the “fun facts” that probably only a mom would love!
Desmond started walking in the past few weeks, perfecting his walk every day. He’s determined to get it down so he can keep up with everyone else.
Desmond Eating Birthday Cake 3


He loves mimicking sounds and waving and clapping his hands. He can say “hi” “mama” “dada” “uh oh” and “whoa!” (I think that’s it!!) But he’ll only say them when he wants to. He’s pretty stubborn about talking.
Baby Hand in Birthday Cake


He likes to stare at everybody outside of our family with a blank stare and makes them work very hard for a smile. But once he warms up to a person and his surroundings, he’s very carefree and super happy. His personality is hilarious and I spend a ton of time cracking up about everything he’s doing.  
Messy Baby in Birthday Cake


He still sleeps in our room (in a playpen) because he wakes up early and I don’t want to have to walk up the stairs to get him in the mornings haha. Part of me looks forward to him moving in with his brothers (and they beg for it all the time!) but the other part loves walking into our room every nap time or at night and seeing the adorable way he’s sleeping. Don and I text pictures to each other almost daily when we catch him in a sweet little pose.
Baby Feet in High Chair


I love this kid to the moon and back. It’s always so crazy to think that one day soon I’ll be saying “I can’t even remember Desmond as a baby!” 
Messy Baby in Birthday Cake 2
Messy Baby in Birthday Cake 3


But like with all the others, I love that I get to experience the joy of watching him grow. Love you and happy birthday, Desmond Reese!
Messy Baby in Birthday Cake 4


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