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mother’s day and a trip to the zoo

Over the weekend, we acquired a new lens to try. I’ve heard many people rave about their 50mm lens, so I’ve been excited to try it out. On Mother’s Day, we had a last minute Tuckahoe bonfire–on a hot, sticky day. After cooking our hot dogs and s’mores, we pulled our chairs in a circle away from the fire and enjoyed some good times.


 (Photo by Maggi)
little boy at bonfire
I told my kids that all I wanted for Mother’s Day was a picture with them. By the time we got around to it, we were all sticky and gross. 
mom and 4 kids


Don jumped in for a few. Nothing frame-worthy, but at least we have a few shots as a family.
big family


large family


big family photo
Gross, sweaty kids require baths. This time Kingston got to hop in, too.
baby sink bath
kingston and evangeline 2

So I have sad story to go with the next pictures. Last week, Maggi posted about forgetting her memory card when she went to the Botanical Gardens. When she told me the story, I felt genuine sadness for her because I knew how much she had been looking forward to taking her camera and snapping away. You’d think that her story would have made me much more aware when packing our things for the zoo. However, that was not the case. I was confident that we had everything that we needed for the day. When we arrived at the zoo and I turned the camera on to take my first picture, I see the words “no memory card in camera.” Talk about disappointment. It took me a good while to get over it. Thankfully, I still have my phone and was able to get a few pictures. 
So get ready to be acquainted with the back of my family’s heads.

toddler boy at zoo


boy and his brother at zoo


dad and baby


boy looking at map


young boy and gorillas at zoo


large family at zoo




3 boys standing on fence


kids activities


I am the opposite of an animal lover. However, there is just something about hippos that I love. Maybe it’s just their large bodies and how graceful they seem.


turns out Evangeline loves them, too!
mom and baby at zoo


baby watching hippo
young mom and cute baby girl


st louis zoo


Afterwards, we met up with Chris and Rachel at Chick fil a for some dinner and “tattoos”
our freinds


Maybe next time I’ll double check to make sure I have everything. :/

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