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Merry Merry Christmas!!

In the process of this month’s “Month in a Minute” video, I got quite a bit of extra footage. So instead of just transferring it to my computer and never watching it again, I decided to compile it into a Christmas video–highlighting some of this month’s Christmas traditions and celebrations. It didn’t turn out as great as I hoped for, but I’m sharing it anyway. And I also think you should check out Maggi’s video. She did a great job!


On Christmas Eve, we went to church for the Christmas Eve candlelight service. It’s the first time we were able to be there for many, many years. I think the kids loved it, but Liam didn’t feel well. After we got home, we started to walk to the Lovings’ house to play some games for Merri’s birthday when Liam threw up all over the street 🙁 We quickly turned around and had a quiet evening at home.
Me and my baby girl got some pictures taken beforehand
mom and baby
mom and cute baby girl
boy holding candle

little boy with candle
dad and boy

I haven’t decorated our house for Christmas for a few years. I have multiple excuses. I need more room, different decorations, different house, more chances to enjoy it, etc. It hasn’t bothered me in the years past. But this year, the lack of Christmas morning excitement really was depressing. Don was already asleep by the time we got up. It just didn’t feel anything like Christmas growing up. So this upcoming year, I’m going to get over all my excuses. I hope to check out some garage sales for new decorations, maybe find a white Christmas tree, sew some homemade stockings, and then decorate our house next year. 
We spent the rest of the day celebrating with family and friends. And Maggi took some super cute pictures for Evangeline’s first Christmas. Thanks Maggi 🙂

babys first christmas
kids opening christmas presents

I’m looking forward to finishing up my “Month in a Minute” video next week, along with a few more fun get togethers!

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