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May Recap

Excuse my grandmotherly ways as I exclaim “Oh my, I can’t believe it’s June!” I mean, I feel the same shock every time another month passes so you’d think I’d be used to it. Is this shock going to continue for the rest of my life?

Also, today is National Donut Day–which I normally go crazy over. I can tell you that it’s not quite as thrilling when you’re 22 days into Whole 30. I still let my children celebrate like the festive mother I am. But I’ll rehash that in next month’s post (sorry for SUCH a cliff hanger.)

Back to the real reason for this post–my May recap…featuring a new crib sheet from this adorable shop, lots of new swimwear for Evangeline from Stella Cove, and the most adorable Jedi baby.

These group shots from the abandoned church that we saw a few weeks back are just some of my favorites! (and I just realized that I say that about almost every group shot.)

I’m not sure if I already shared on my blog, but on May 11th, I celebrated 13 years being cancer free. It also happened to fall on the same day that Don had a work meeting out in the city. We ended up dropping him off and finding Turtle Park, which I’ve driven by hundreds of times but have never actually visited. And just as it sounds, it was a park…with turtles. That’s all it was. Big turtle statues. But the kids absolutely loved it and were very sad that we didn’t get to stay long. Their sadness quickly faded because we went to our absolute favorite ice cream shop, Ice’s, to celebrate my health! It was also my last hurrah before I started Whole 30 the next morning.//Also, Clem channeling her inner Mr. T vibes. If you haven’t seen his music video, it is a must.

The best thing about having a big family is all of the relationships. They genuinely love spending time with each other. It is so special to watch their friendships. We are so blessed.// And Clem in her milk bath–totally giving me all kinds of sass in the most adorable way.

Sister pictures are my favorite thing ever (for some reason, the boys don’t get into the brother pictures quite as much 😉 ) They have their own sister hashtag on my Instagram–#sweetestsisterfriends. Also, in case you aren’t on Instagram but still are interested in what I share there, you can always view the web version that I linked or if you are looking from a desktop/laptop, you can see the most recent IG pictures across the bottom of my blog.

She’s only 2 days away from turning 8 months old. Cue the tears. Yesterday I was watching a video of her from when she was just hours old and it made me want to rewind time like crazy. But I am so enjoying the sweet stage she’s in right now.

This picture of Evangeline and Desmond may be my favorite thing ever–partly because I just wasn’t expecting her to come alongside him and put her arm around him.//Also, the picture of Mabel and Clem is another favorite. BFFs, just like their mommas.

I was really bad about getting my Month in a Minute clips this month. I guess just the busyness of life had me forgetting most day so I ended up using my phone instead of the DSLR on a lot of days. Don’s video, however, turned out much better than mine (like always.) If you haven’t already subscribed to our family vlog (Don’s channel,) please do! We need enough subscribers to create a custom URL and we still need quite a few more. Don works very hard on each video (usually taking weeks to complete each one in his free time) so I can guarantee they are very well made.

(my video on top, his on the bottom. As always, if you only have time/patience to watch one of these 1 minute videos, I recommend Don’s .)

And the best way to end the recap–with some Kids Say.
Have a happy weekend and go eat a donut (or two) for me!

As we pulled up to the strawberry fields and saw a donkey..
Evangeline–“Hey look! It’s an elephant.”

The kids were talking about time and AM/PM.
Me–“12pm is when we eat lunch.”
Kingston–**excitedly “is it 12pm right now?!”
Me–“No. It’s past that. We just ate lunch.”
Kingston–**disappointed “Oh. I forget things sometimes.”

Evangeline and Desmond had blankets tied around their necks, like capes, and she was trying to state that they matched.
Evangeline–“Look Desmond, it’s like we’re married together.”

Kai and Kingston kept saying that person mowing the lawn next door was a girl because they had long hair. Liam, fed up with them debating it, finally yelled “He has a beard!”

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