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May iphone photos

I have quite a few pictures for the month of May so I’ll just get straight to it…

**also, I’m vowing to figure out how to better align everything so you won’t have to do so much scrolling to look through pictures. I’ve just been a little busy lately 🙂 


always ice cream, all the time
ice cream with sprinkles
even with cupcake smeared on her face, this little birthday girl was super gorgeous
birthday girl
st louis art


sunglasses for kids–a super cute invention
kids wearing sunglasses


mom and girl wearing sunglasses


Rachel was the loveliest bride and had a gorgeous wedding!
the bride
but seriously–gorgeous reception!!
girl at wedding reception


pretty table settings at wedding reception


soda drinkers
kids activities
and this is why we don’t have family pictures :/
large family at wedding


we celebrated my 11 year cancer-free anniversary with some of my favorite things–burgers and ice cream!
cancer survivor celebration meal
cancer survivor dessert
young girl eating ice cream
bible study music


On rare occasions, I take my kids to the park by myself spontaneously, they are all perfectly behaved, and I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this whole mom thing. Unfortunately, that only makes up a small percentage of our reality. 
suson park


kingston and evangeline 2


another ice cream outing–because, why not??
dreamsicle ice cream
ice cream with the kids
mom with baby girl
fun at the creek


10 second timer victory!!
large family outing


may iphone pictures


Evangeline and I were invited to a girly tea party to celebrate Penelope’s 5th birthday–including makeovers for the little girls.
Isn’t this the sweetest??
tea party for girls
and I’m pretty sure she loved it more than this picture portrays haha
mommy kissing girl


Memorial Day called for all the red, white, and blue details
red white blue


and National Burger Day was this past week–so of course I was the dork that made my husband grill burgers so we could celebrate!
grilled burger


kai and evangeline


in just over a month, Maggi is getting married!! 
maternity shot
After years of declaring he would be an artist when he grows up, he told me that he’s going to be a computer programmer. His hobbies will include painting and creating video games.
black and white portrait of kids
June is filling up with lots of graduations, showers, parties, and birthdays to celebrate! Very tiring– but exactly what I need to help pass the time because we’re hopefully going to be meeting the newest Roberts baby in just over a month!!
Happy June!!
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