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May iphone photos and kids say

I typically like to post these at the beginning of each month. But we have been so busy lately. If I’m not working on a different blog post, a video, spending time with the family, or getting a million other things done, I’m trying to push myself to get off the couch because I’m so tired. Desmond has been waking up extra early lately so my exhaustion levels have been off the charts. We were up at 5:30(?!?!?) this morning and I’m already shaking from exhaustion. Still wouldn’t trade it for the world. But that’s where I’m at in life–exhausted!
Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before, If you follow me on Instagram, most of these photos are repeats. But besides the fact that not everybody has Instagram, I also like to have these pictures on my blog as well. So here is a little (big?) recap of the month of May.
We celebrated 3 years with our little princess! 
kids in flower field
I love that she loves color as much as I do!
birthday cake and balloons for girl
I was kindly sent a bouquet this month from FTD Flowers. Fresh flowers definitely cheer up a space!


1) sink baths with our favorite baby products, Tubby Todd. 2) 22 weeks in my favorite new dress from PinkBlush Maternity. 3) and 4) a couple shots from our (red, white, and blue) Memorial Day weekend.
baby sink bath and maternity shots


I’m so excited to meet Maggi’s new baby girl next month!
ice ceream and friends


Rachel and I went out for ice cream and pictures. I already posted the ones she took HERE but, not to brag, but I got quite a few cute pictures of her twirling and effortlessly looking beautiful. (I also went to Ices a second time in a week to celebrate 12 years of remission!)
cancer survivor


1) A snap of Evangeline’s very pink room. 2) Have I mentioned we have no clue what we’re doing when it comes to gardening? But Liam is really excited about it so we’re trying to learn! 3)We got a little surprise visit from Elsa and Anna. The kids loved it! 4) I will take as many group shots as I can while they’re young and can be bribed with candy.
may iphone 4


kids and ultrasound


pineapple glasses and a carnival


kids and disney frozen characters anna and elsa

So that was our month of May in pictures. But now for the part that people scroll past the pictures to read.

Kids Say–

Kingston–“Dear God, thank you that Jesus made chocolate. Amen.”

We were going to my Grandma Hunn’s house to see her new baby chicks. So I googled “baby chicks” to show the kids what they would look like. I told the kids that I think my grandma said they were black and not yellow like most of the pictures. Liam told me to search “black chicks.” I had to laugh because he had no idea what he was asking and I kind of assumed what would show up when googling that–side note: don’t google “black chicks.”

When referring to her 3 older brothers at the same time, Evangeline calls them “the brothers.”
Example: “What are the brothers doing?”

Kingston–“Daddy, did you get this boo boo on your knee from work?”
Kingston–“Maybe you should stop going to work.”

Me–“Ow, Kai! You cannot dig your hand into my stomach!”
Kai–“Oh, I thought that was a pillow.”
**kids, forever building up self-esteem.

Me–“Miss, who should I make a quesadilla for first, Kai or Kingston?”
Evangeline–“Kai….because he’s the better-est!”

Me–“I feel blah today! How do you feel?”
Liam–“Better…than you.”

Kai–“What’s your worst favorite song?”

As Desmond was trying to reach down to scratch his butt during a diaper change…
Me–“Eww! Des! Don’t do that.”
Evangeline–“No no, baby!! If you do that, you will get stinky and die!”

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