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March iPhone photos

Looking back on March with iphone pictures. If there is an acceptable amount of pictures to post, I passed that limit. 
pretty sure Don called me a hipster for taking this
oil spill
22 weeks
pregnant photoshoot


I’m so glad snow days are in the past now
snow day
Evangeline woke up just in time to get a picture with the snowman. She was so impressed!
kids activities


Baby boy does not like donuts as much as I do. So unfortunately I’ve had to cut back 🙁


There was a small concern with my anatomy ultrasound that led us to another one. Thankfully the issue resolved itself and everything is healthy!
ultrasound pictures and cookies


I just love being the mom of a girl!!
finger nail polish




boy napping with stuffed animal


pi day
home made pizza pi day


This picture was featured on ModCloth’s Instagram! AND I scored a $100 gift card. Thanks to Maggi for snapping it for me 🙂
modcloth picture contest winner
(24 weeks)
24 week pregnancy picture
Ted Drewes!!
ted drews frozen custard st louis


brothers sharing ive cream


ice cream melting


evangeline with messy ice cream


little girl with messy ice cream


a fun free printable for spring 
along abbey road printable


kai with chalk


chalk drawings


zoo trip
st louis zoo


my people
big family watching hippos at zoo


evangeline and kingston


little boy at zoo


underwater tunnel at zoo
a little bit of style and a whole lot of sass
sassy girl


50s diner


25 weeks
maternity pictures


father and girl sleeping


and finishing up March with a colorful trip to the Sculpture Park!
dad and girl sculpture park


colorful floor


giant eye statue


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