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Lone Elk Park

Until this past week, I had never been to Lone Elk Park or the World Bird Sanctuary. I thought both of those parks would be fun for the boys. So on Monday, without any Labor Day plans, we drove over to the parks to check them out. Lone Elk Park is a drive thru park…which is pretty fantastic for someone who doesn’t have loads of energy. The boys did like it and we did get to see a few animals, but I think it would be beautiful to drive through the park when the leaves are changing, in all their fall glory. 
Kingston actually slept through most of it
toddler boy taking a nap


st louis wildlife park


lone elk park




After that, we drove over to the World Bird Sanctuary. We missed the bird show so next time we will plan a little better. The boys still enjoyed getting to see all the different kinds of birds. They said their favorite part was when the parrot said “hello” to them. They were definitely surprised to hear a bird talk.
I did get a few pictures of the kids while we were there (who are far more attractive than the birds)
3 kids


toddler boy smiling


big family


large family


black and white childrens photography


a good day becomes a great day when ice cream is involved
boy and ice cream cone


messy ive cream face

I love making memories with this family of mine that I love so much 🙂

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