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little birthday girl

My little Cinco de Mayo baby turned 2 years old today! We celebrated yesterday by taking a trip to the City Garden with the kids. It was one of my favorite family outings we’ve ever had. I will share as soon as I can figure out how to not post a super insane amount of pictures!

We didn’t do much today as far as celebrating goes, but we did make sure to sing to her and eat cupcakes…which is all you really need at 2 years old. It’s hard to believe that these two years have gone by so quickly. People say things like that all the time…but it’s so true. 

birthday girl

I took some first birthday pictures of Evangeline last year with this same flower crown. She still has a sweet little face–but now that face is surrounded by quite a bit more hair.

waiting for cake

This girl is a singer. Constantly. Especially at bedtime–sometimes staying awake for an hour or more in her crib, singing loudly. ABC’s, Let it Go, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Everything is Awesome–you name it. And she always ends every song by clapping and saying “yay! You did it!”  Wait a few years and we’ll see how this little Roberts family band is coming along.

She also loves books (The Monster at the End of This Book and Pete the Cat books are her current favorites.) She can count to 10 (sometimes needing a little help), sing her ABC’s, and usually gets her colors right–pink is her favorite! 

She loves bows in her hair, pretty dresses, shoes, nail polish, hearts, and flowers. With all the boys in our family, I’ve worked hard to make sure she appreciates all the girly things in life. 

birthday girl ideas


bitthday cake
birthday cupcake


She is also a pro at blowing out candles–much to our surprise. I made her blow out the candles 4 times tonight and I still wasn’t quick enough.

blowing out candles

She’s quick to give hugs and kisses if someone is crying and also quick to say sorry if she did something wrong. And let’s be honest–when you have multiple siblings, there’s going to be a lot of toy snatching and “sowwy’s” to be heard.

birthday girl cupcake with sprinkles


cute little girl eating cupcake

Even two years after giving birth to a girl, I still have moments where I think/say “I can’t believe I get to have a daughter!” 
As her personality develops, it’s very obvious that she’s the baby sister to 3 brothers (**note how she goes head first for that cupcake!!) 

But make no mistake–she is very much a girly girl. And sometimes a diva. This morning she insisted on wearing her swimming suit instead of the outfit I picked out. And I let her. But that’s only because she looked super adorable in her swimming suit!

messy birthday girl

I love our little “miss” and I’m thankful for these 2 years that we’ve been able to watch her grow.
Happy birthday Evangeline 🙂

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