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Sickness has officially hit our house. Yesterday I was feeling pretty bad–which was really rough with kids to take care of. Actually, Desmond was the hardest to take care of. He was quite crabby and didn’t seem to be feeling well. I’m feeling better than yesterday but today Desmond has been down for the count. Poor guy only had a few ounces of formula since he woke up this morning and slept on and off the entire day. It’s always sad when your baby is sick but I did enjoy all the snuggles. Hopefully this passes quickly and doesn’t take down anyone else.
Anyway, I’m sure none of these pictures are too amazing by anyone else’s standards. Mostly spontaneous portraits. But pictures I wanted to remember. 
***edited to add–I just looked at this post through my phone and noticed a lot of weird coloration on photos even though they looked fine on my laptop. I have no idea what’s up with that. Sorry!
We missed the snow while Liam was in the hospital last month. But we did go outside a few days later when it was mostly melted. I made Liam sit down the whole time.
liam playing in snow


kingston playing in the snow


kai playing in the snow


The same night that we got home from the hospital, Liam lost his first tooth! Then about 10 days later he lost the one right next to it. It’s sad to see those baby teeth leaving and the “grown-up teeth” taking their place. Also, I hate everything about losing teeth so this is going to be a miserable stage for me haha.
baby teeth


The boys painted Valentine’s for their BFFs to give with the cookies.
valentines day water colors


valentines day watercoloring


valentines day water coloring


Desmond just wanted “one little drink” of coffee
desmond wants coffee


One of the only pictures I got from their cookie baking day. If you can’t see it, Evangeline has flour on her face.
kids baking cookies


excuse me while I get lost in those beautiful blue eyes. I’ve taken approximately 10,000 pictures of that beautiful face because his eyes always have me melting.
desmond 1


and those chubby hands!!
baby hands


this is a bit out of focus but it was just too sweet not to post. (also, Evangeline wears that Elsa dress about 98% of the time when we’re home)
cute siblings


kingston with a sock monkey
…speaking of beautiful blue eyes…
(the only way I can ever get pictures of Kai is with a goofy face)
silly face
desmond 2
that face!!!
silly baby face
Recently I had the opportunity to team up with Nuby to try some of their new teethers that will be in store at Walmart in March. Desmond has loved trying them out and is very partial to this Beaver. Liam immediately named it “Justin Beaver” and I think that’s pretty hilarious. (also, that belly!!)
desmond with nuby baby teething toy


desmond with nuby baby teether toy


desmond chewing on nuby baby teething toy


We’re looking forward to spring and we’re officially counting down to our San Francisco vacation in April!!!
Have a good week!
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