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I have been in a bit of a blogging funk lately which is why I haven’t been posting very often. Maybe it’s because it’s winter and I don’t feel like I have much worth posting. But I hope to eventually be motivated to keep this space updated much more often. So I’m going to throw it back and post some forgotten pictures that never made their way on the blog.

Back in November (I’m telling you, I’m way behind!) Kingston turned 5! I used to do little interviews with the kids on their birthdays just so I could see the changes over the years. I failed to do it this past year but some of his favorite things are Star Wars, dogs, wearing pajamas, Legos, waking up early, and making people laugh. Our house would be a lot quieter without him and that’s something I don’t want to experience. We love having him in our family!

He requested a “brownie cake” for his birthday so I just layered some boxed brownies and ganache. If you see me starring in my own Food Network show someday, you can say that you knew me before I was famous ๐Ÿ˜‰

This picture of Clem was taken a couple of months ago but it’s still one of my favorites. I can’t get over her big, kissable cheeks!

These pictures of Des bring me so much happiness–until I remember the cold noodles I had to clean from the floor haha

The past 4 months have zoomed by and it makes me very sad that Clementine isn’t a tiny newborn anymore. But then I get glimpses of this sister relationship and it makes me so excited for the future. It helps to find things to celebrate the “now” instead of being sad that the past is in the past.

The boys got this Beatles Yellow Submarine lego set for Christmas and it happens to be their favorite now. It makes me so proud that all the kids have a major Beatles obsession. It makes me feel like we’ve done something right with parenting.

These pictures were from New Year’s Eve, right before Kingston knocked half a jar of pizza sauce all over Evangeline’s dress! But the sister matching was adorable while it lasted.

Clementine + clementines—my favorite combo! I need some adorable clementine clothes for her for this summer so if you come across any small shops (or big stores) that carry clementine outfits, PLEASE let me know!

These pictures of us girls and our babies in our wraps are some of my favorite pictures ever.

Also, this. Because those eyes!!!

I think I’ll do a blog post about weaving sometime soon (not a tutorial!!) Liam and I have been loving this hobby and I thought it would be fun to share a bit about it.

Thanks for hanging around all the way to the end. Hope you all have a good weekend and I hope to be back around next week with some Valentines pictures!

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