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Liam and Kai walking in the rain

Hi all! I thought it was a good time to pop in and throw a few pictures up on the blog from life in the past few weeks. And stick around (or skip everything and just scroll down, I’ll never know ūüėČ ) for the end of the post because I have a little announcement!


We have been crazy busy lately and my energy is draining daily! A day (or even a few hours) out and about usually means that I end up spending the next couple of days recovering. Along with the glucose test that I’m about to take, my OB has ordered lots of other bloodwork to see if anything is going on! More than likely it’s just what comes with being the mom of 5 and one on the way, but if there’s some vitamin¬†deficiency, it would be nice to know! In the meantime, I’m feeling lots of “mom guilt” for not having the energy to do much with the kids or manage a household.

Kai in the rain
¬†Every once in a while, I get bursts of “energy” and we try to do fun stuff in that time. During one of the many summer rain storms we’ve had, we finally made it outside to play in the rain. Most of the storms have been filled with lightning so it’s been hard to get the chance to get out and play during them.
Evangeline in the rain
followed by the sweetest little gloomy day naptime.
Baby nap time
If we’re anywhere near a swing set, you better believe that this cute little girl will be on the swing and asking you to push her…for the next several hours haha.
Young girl on a swing
Evangeline swinging
I actually hate melons of all kinds (I wish I didn’t because they look so delicious!) but my kids sure do love watermelon. It’s a favorite summer treat around here!
Liam eating watermelon
I need to make an effort to pull out the DSLR more often. Desmond went from taking his first steps a few weeks ago to pretty much full time walking now. Seeing babies learn to walk is one of my favorite milestones. He looks so proud of himself all the time and stops to clap multiple times during his strolls around the house.
Desmond walking and clapping
Kai never does normal smiles for pictures these days. My favorite trick is to ask him to tell me a joke while I snap a ton of pictures. A natural smile usually makes an appearance.
Kai smilingForest Park + middle of the afternoon on a HOT, humid day = crabby kids, crabby parents. It was definitely a park fail! But we made up for it later that night by going to another park at sunset.
Liam and Evangeline at Forest ParkLiam and Kai at Forest Park
Kingston at Forest Park
How’s that for a random post? This type of post isn’t the most glamorous or exciting type of post to write/read. But it’s our life. And our life is definitely not always glamorous or exciting. As much as I struggle with hard days, it’s nice to look back and see the good moments that popped up in between. It reminds me to always look for the little things. It also reminds me to pull out the DSLR more often!


If you’ve stuck around this long, I have a little announcement! I purchased a website domain! This simple little blog is getting a much needed update, after my husband’s persistent encouragement. He knows how much this space means to me so he’s helping me build a new site. But let’s be honest–he’s doing most of the work because I know nothing about that stuff. Stay tuned for the new site with a much better look than what I have going on right now!

Have a good rest of the week!

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