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I have been wanting to sit down and catch up on some blogging. But these days, I’m falling asleep on the couch as soon as the kids go to bed. You see, Desmond sleeps wonderfully all night. But then he wakes up at 5-6 a.m. and pretty much stays awake. All day. He gets a few 10-20 minute naps. I have no idea what’s going on with him but it leaves little time to get anything accomplished around here. 
Over the past month or so, we’ve been working on getting some walls painted in the house. I have a thousand projects I want to complete and not enough hours in my day to complete them. Or enough money. Or enough DIY skills. If I could just learn to use power tools, that would be great. We’ve also been trying to fit in some fun outings with the kids. It’s a little extra work to get 5 kids ready and out the door to go explore. But it’s definitely been worth it for us. And the memories we’re making are the best. 
Anyway, Desmond and Evangeline are both napping (!!!!) so I just wanted to throw a few pictures up here from the past month or so. They’re pretty random.
All 5 Roberts kids have had the biggest, bluest eyes. They get that from Don. I’m the outcast with the green eyes.
cute baby face
Kingston holding a Lego
I had to throw in one more from Halloween. We’re already scheming an even more amazing group costume for next year. Watch out! If we pull it off, I don’t know what else could top it!
kids halloween costumes


Evangeline may be part of the reason Des doesn’t get enough naps. She always wants to hug and kiss all over him and hold his hand. It’s the sweetest thing ever but it does drive me a little crazy when she does it just as he’s drifting off.
Desmond and Evangeline


and I promise that Desmond has other expressions besides shock, haha.
Evangeline and Desmond


This handsome little guy turned 4 yesterday. We went to the Science Center, had our traditional birthday meal at McDonald’s (fancy, I know) and then we stocked up on ice cream and toppings and headed home to have a little ice cream party. He got to stay up late with me and Don and we played a few board games together. All the kids loved Kingston’s birthday. Liam said “It was really good because it was so peaceful when we went to bed last night and Kingston didn’t keep us awake for an hour.” 
That says it all. Kingston is hilarious and oh, so cute. But he is a handful and he’s a big ball of never-ending energy. 
birthday boy


water color paints


Evangeline’s developing personality is so cute and hilarious as well. I love that I’m able to have conversations with her. She is also obsessed with all things girly. That makes me proud because most people assume she would be a tom boy. 
little girl on a swing


Evangeline smiling


I think I already posted a picture of this sunrise from my phone. But I had to share the DSLR version too. It was just so gorgeous!
pretty sunrise


And surprise! My brother got married on Sunday! He and Sara asked me to photograph their wedding. They found this perfect little spot in Forest Park that looked like it was from a scene from a fantasy movie. They had a quick little ceremony while I had a 2 year old following me and crying because she wanted me to hold her. So I snapped some pictures with a child on my hip. It was simple and unique and exactly what they wanted. I’m so excited to welcome a new sister to our family!
Mark and Sara Wedding
They asked Liam to be the “ring bearer.” Later on in the evening, he proudly told us “This is the first wedding that I got to be a groomsman!”


And then this picture pretty much sums up the day. 


cool wedding photography

We ended the night at Salt+Smoke, a BBQ place in the Loop. The burgers there…..Amazing! And the fries. So good. Actually, it’s now one of our favorites. 

So now that we’re moving into the holiday season, I hope to be able to stop here more often to catch up. Although, the more busy we’ll be, the less time I’ll have. We shall see. Have a good week!

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