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Let it sno!

On Sunday night, we decided to finally get around to walking over to the S&J sno cone location that is by our house.

When we got over there, it was closed ๐Ÿ™ I have no idea why. So we walked back to the Lovings, welcomed Maggi and Mayci home from their trip, and then loaded the kids up to go to the Imperial location. S&J seriously has the BEST sno-cones I’ve ever had. I am usually not a fan. But they know how to do it. And I think many people agree. The line didn’t die down the entire time we were there. The creamy Wedding Cake is the best flavor on the menu. I say that with confidence even though I don’t know if I’ve ever tried anything else. It’s that good! I don’t want to try anything else! Don ALWAYS goes for grape flavored stuff. He got Grape Suicide. But after trying Kingston’s Ninja flavor, he decided to trade with him. Looks like he has a new favorite. Liam got Cotton Candy and Kai got Spider-Man. Evangeline slept through it all. She seems to do that quite often.
Walking home after we realized it was closed ๐Ÿ™
young boy walking
Patiently waiting…
kids waiting at table
cute baby girl in car seat
young boy with red sno cone
young dad eating grape sno cone
I think Kingston approves
toddler boy eating green sno cone
dad and 3 boys
s and j
And on our way home, a beautiful sunset. This picture doesn’t quite capture it
I’m ready to go back really soon!
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