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Kingston’s 3rd birthday

Yesterday was Kingston’s 3rd birthday. It was also the first snowfall of the year. Last year we were enjoying temperatures in the 70s, so it was pretty crazy to be getting snow already. We had a little donut party for him–because nothing is better than a cake made of donuts. Except maybe this dark chocolate salted caramel oreo pie?? I haven’t tried it yet but I will be sure to report back after I make it for Thanksgiving.
birthday cake ideas
boy looking down


birthday boy looking sad
young boy with snowy background
glitter/confetti pictures are always the most fun
glitter falling


glitter shower for birthday boy
bitthday cake made of donuts


about to eat cake
a few pictures from my phone yesterday…
boy standing in snowfall


glitter in boys hair


Kingston got the best birthday gift! A little birthday buddy. Arrow Gideon Gunby was born on Kingston’s birthday. He sure is a cutie!
boy and baby


blowing out birthday candles
I always like to do little “birthday interviews” with the kids. Kingston wasn’t into it so much but I got a few answers out of him before he rushed off to watch Space Jam (the most hilarious birthday gift a 3 year old could receive–thanks, Maggi!)
Favorite color- blue
Favorite food- chicken
Favorite TV show- Animal Mechanicals
Favorite movie- Star Wars
Favorite game- Infinity
Favorite restaurant- Chick Fil A
Favorite drink- milk
Favorite animal- elephant
Favorite toy- lightsaber
Favorite superhero- Hulk
Best friend- Sam Mcmillian


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