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I thought I would take a few minutes to make a post about Kingston since my huge following of blog readers have been begging me for a blog post. I still have a post to write with Kai’s birthday interview but I wanted to make a post about Kingston first since I haven’t yet.

It just so happens that today he is sick. Therefore, this is the most still he has been since he started walking at 10 months. That’s right, even though my firstborn made me wait 17 months before taking steps by himself, Kingston only gave me 10 months. He quickly learned to run and hasn’t stopped since. Now being 37 weeks pregnant, I can barely keep up with my 17 month old child.

Kingston has a personality of his own. That kid loves to run, pick his belly button, and go insane. However, he barely talks. I guess at this point he doesn’t see a point in it. I think his favorite word is “ball.” But he only has a very small list of words that he says. This kid loves to eat, all the time, almost every food but hot dogs. And he loves books. It’s that part of his personality that reminds me of Liam. And his craziness reminds me of Kai. A good mix of both.

I guess I haven’t posted in a while because I knew I was going to write about Kingston but felt bad that I didn’t have a long list of things to say. I may not have a lot of words to post about him but I do love that kid and what he adds to our family. Oh, and pictures. I have those. Which speak more than what I can write because he is super cute and full of personality which I can’t explain in writing.

So here are those pictures—
Ending with a picture from today to show how sweet a sick sleeping baby can look

mom and baby


cute baby


mom and 3 boys


dad and baby


three boys


baby boy


baby pointing at light


cute baby faux hawk


3 brothers


baby boy eating donut


sick baby boy sleeping on couch
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