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kids say and July iphone photos

July. So crazy. So wonderful. I figured I didn’t have enough to do around here so I thought I would take the time to share my July iPhone pictures and another “kids say.” 

Liam–“hey guys! Do you want to play a funny game called ‘Destroy the World’?”

Liam–“That’s weird. My tummy is hurting.”
Me–“Is it because you’re hungry? Or do you think you’re going to throw up?”
Liam–“Nah. It’s just a plain ol’ tummy ache.”
Kai–“Did Bob Ross used to go to our church but now he doesn’t because he decided he wanted to be a painter?”
Kai–“I remember when Pastor Scott taught us about Noah’s Ark.”
Me–“You do?”
Kai–“Yeah….or maybe that was Kimmy….
…..or maybe Kimmy wasn’t at church that day so I was in Miss Becky’s class.”
Liam thought that the Lord’s Supper plates were the offering plates, so as the deacons were heading our way, he leaned over to me and whispered “Mommy, are you ready to pay your bill?”
Kingston–“I can’t wait for Desmond to be born. Then your tummy will be little. And I could sit on you.”
Liam–“Mommy, how come it smells like Doritos every time you come in here?”
**I feel like it should be noted that I really don’t ever eat Doritos so that question is a mystery haha
Liam–“Everyone has hair on their arms.”
Kai–“Except Jesus.”
Two days after having Desmond, Kai saw my stomach and said “Woah mommy! Your tummy is so small!” And he immediately became my favorite person in the world. 
Kai–“Did you know that speedboats are as fast as zebras?”
I overheard Liam trying to sing “He is Exalted.” His version went “He is exhausted, the King is exhausted on high, i will praise Him.” 
My last 2 maternity photos before Desmond’s arrival. It’s amazing to think of how miserable I was during that week yet I find myself being sad that it’s all over.
pregnancy picture
boy with sparklers


boy looking out window


homemade funnel cakes to take my mind off the fact that I was overdue
homemade funnel cake with sprinkles
and just like that, the sweetest little boy joined our family. All of us are totally in love with this little guy.
newborn baby boy


young girl with baby brother


young boy with baby brother
toddler with cute baby


big family
newborn child


when Desmond was one week old, we were able to make it to church for the first time as a family of 7. 
family and friends with cute baby boy


and National Ice Cream Day/Month was most definitely celebrated…thoroughly.
national ice cream day


All the cousins (minus Desmond)
cousins on slide
My new favorite hashtag project, #dresstherainbow. I’m on the lookout for colored walls around St. Louis. So if you know of any, let me know!
dress the rainbow


Yes, my hands are full. But I also have to say…my heart has never felt more full.
large family group shot


We are down to the last days before we move. I am so excited to start a new chapter in our lives as we finally will own our first home. But also feeling all the emotions of leaving the house that we’ve lived in for the past 8 years. Our first home together, the home that we have brought each of our 5 children home to. With the best landlords and neighbors you could ever imagine. It’s bittersweet. But I can’t wait to share our new house with you all very soon!
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