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kids say

Another edition of “kids say.” But first, an impromptu photo session of Kingston playing in the leaves at family camp…
yellow leaves on the ground
little boy jumping off small ledge


toddler boy


boy playing in the leaves

cute toddler boy sitting in leaves and laughing

kids photoshoot
Kai–“Daddy, your voice sounds weird… sound like Han Solo.”

Kingston–“Chewbacca is in the house of The Lord.”
Me–“Kingston, are you stinky?”
Kingston–“Yeah….sometimes. Sometimes I’m a robot.”
Kai–“A fly just flied into my eye so I said ‘fly, there’s no food in there,’ and then he flied back out.”
Kingston–“I need medicine…cause I’m crabby.”
Liam–“I don’t like pigs…because I don’t like ham.”
Kai–“Pigs don’t eat ham.”
Liam–“No, pigs are made out of ham.”
Liam–“Friday is my favorite day of the week because you get to eat fries!” (Friday=fry-day) 
*note: sadly we rarely ever have fries. But this should be a new tradition for Fridays.


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