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Is anyone else suffering from winter blues? I’ve been dreaming of going away for a nice, warm vacation with sunny skies and beaches. 
Well that may not be a reality for me (or you) so hopefully some of these will at least put a smile on your face.

A conversation between Don and Kingston. 

“Kingston, you’re a mess.”
“You’re a mess.”
“You. Are. A. Mess.”
“No, I’m not Miss. I’m Kingston.”
Don was double checking to make sure he knew how to get to the Applebee’s in Arnold when Liam spoke up and said “It’s right next to Dirt Cheap, daddy!”
***this is funny because he has no idea what Dirt Cheap actually is. This kid just likes to read signs and that one just happens to stick out to him.
***it’s also funny that my 6 year old was giving my husband directions. 
The kids were watching our DVDs that teach sight words. When the word “but” came on the screen, liam explained to kai…
Liam–“Kai, that word does not mean the kind that’s on your body.
Kai–“I know. It’s the “but” that Pastor Scott always says.”
(I guess that one might only make sense to Rockport people)
Liam–“Can you text Walmart and ask them if their bananas are yellow yet?”
Liam and kai were playing with Star Wars toys when I overheard part of the conversation that “the toys” we’re having. 
Kai’s toy (Darth Vader)–“I’ll be the dad!”
Liam’s toy (Lando)–“You can’t be the dad…you don’t have a mustache!”
Liam–“Is a lemon a baby watermelon?”
I asked Liam and Kai which names they would pick for a baby boy/baby girl. 
Liam’s choices- boy, Desmond Legend. girl, Petunia Pink Princess
Kai choices- boy, Super Man. girl, Super Girl
I think we’ll spend a little more time thinking through names )
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