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Today marks the “halfway point” in my pregnancy! Part of my day was spent in a chair at the dentist, having a temporary crown put on. So that was no fun. But you know what is fun? This post. Enjoy!

As Kai was praying–

“…and please help us find a new house before I turn bigger.”
While potty training Kingston, when he finally peed, he yelled “yay! It’s squirting!”
(Sorry if that’s TMI–but it was pretty funny)
He also, after every unsuccessful attempt, he would say “We’ll talk again later.”
Kai’s face was itchy so he asked “Am I starting to grow a beard?”
I told the boys I would be making peanut butter/chocolate bars for dessert (a layer of a peanut butter mixture and a layer of chocolate–amazing, like a homemade reeses!!) Liam got really excited and said “those are like lasagna! Only without the cheese…or the noodles….or the sauce…or meat.”
I asked the boys what they would tell a robot to do if they were able to control one. Liam said “I would tell it to go to Iceland.”
Me–“Boys just like gross stuff…and things like fighting and wrestling. Girls like to relax, get massages, and eat ice cream and chocolate.”
Liam–“And eat lots and lots of donuts.”
(Maybe I have a slight problem!)
Kai saw one of the hospital buildings with lots of windows and asked “Is that the Eiffel Tower?”
Liam was loving a section of his math book and was giggling after every problem. He kept telling me how much fun he was having and then, speaking directly to his book, said “Math, this part is just too much fun!” Then he asked me if I was going to write down this story.
Don was telling the boys about having to go to a night of training for work where he would have to listen to someone talk and watch videos about money. 
Kai said “Why would you watch movies about money? We already know what a money does.”


and because I don’t want to post without a picture….
this lovely photo…brought to you by the words “nap time”
large family funny
…because not every family photo can be perfect.
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