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Kids’ Room Makeovers Part 1 (Featuring Beddy’s)

It’s been a busy month as we’ve been preparing to add a new addition. As soon as I check something off my to-do list, I add about 5 more things. So I’m not sure that why, after living in our house for a year, I decided it was an urgent matter to fix up the kids’ rooms before the baby is born. But when a pregnant woman (or any woman) sets her mind to something, you’re probably not going to talk her out of it ūüėČ

beddy's beds now a part of the girls room

A few months ago, we had painted Evangeline’s room a pale pink (it was originally a very dark purple.)¬†But besides that, their rooms were pretty much the same as the day we moved in.¬†I had spent the past year scouring the stores and internet for bedding for their beds. In the meantime, they had mismatched sheets and blankets that made their room look sloppy. It’s almost too embarrassing to share–but I will, just so you can see the difference!

room makeover before

messy boys room before

It was bad, right? That’s when I came across Beddy’s¬†and I was immediately fascinated! I reached out to them about reviewing their product and was beyond excited when they agreed to send me one. I had already done a lot of research and knew that this would be such a sanity saving thing for us (and they were kind enough to offer a discount) that I went ahead and ordered two more for the other two beds.


I am not being compensated for this review–all these thoughts are very much my own! I always have and always will share my honest opinion here–I only want to share about products we truly love and I know that I always rely very much on others’ reviews when researching products! (Also, I posted a short little video¬†with our Beddy’s that you can check out at the bottom of this post!)

little girl reading books on bed

beddys bedding

Beddy’s is an all in one, full zip up bedding set. It fits on the bed like a fitted sheet, with the comforter attached with a zipper. That means that those difficult-to-make bunk beds and beds against the wall could now be easily made with a simple zip! I am very OCD about making beds (just ask my husband–sometimes I start making the bed before he even gets out of it haha) because I feel like the look of a made bed instantly takes away stress, even if the rest of the room is a mess.

kids zipper bedding

And What Do The Kids Think?

What I don’t enjoy is making everybody’s beds every day. The best part about Beddy’s¬†is that the kids are all able to make their own beds every morning. Actually, that’s not the best part. The BEST part is that they enjoy doing it!! We’ve had the bedding for about a month now and they all still wake up and zip their beds before coming down for breakfast. Evangeline (3) is still learning to remember to do it, but I can’t even complain because I just walk in her room and quickly zip up the sides.

little girl zipping up bed sheets

beddys reviews

Now I know that some of you will click over to their site and be shocked at the pricing. I understand! I had the same initial thought. But I considered a couple of things that make the price totally worth it. First of all, it’s a full zip up bedding set. It’s the sheet, comforter, pillow case(s) and sham(s). You could probably find sets¬†in the store that would be a cheaper option.

But to me, what really makes the price worth it is the time/sanity it’s saving me. Instead of sloppy beds or comforters that come untucked (has anyone ever attempted to put bedding on the top bunk before?!) the kids are able to make their beds all on their own and it actually looks nice! That alone is worth so much! And these are sure to last them for many, many years.

beddys beds now in boys room

beddys zipper bedding

boys reading books in bed

zip up bedding in boys room

Totally their idea for the posed “fake sleeping picture.”

kids sleeping in bed

zip up comforters

A few other things:

  • The underside of the comforter is lined with a minky material (pictured below)– the kids love how soft it is!
  • They wash easily–I can just throw the twin set in the machine as one piece. With the full size, I unzip the comforter first but wash it all together, per the website’s¬†recommendations.
  • When the bed is made, you can’t see the zipper
  • The zipper moves smoothly–making it easy for young children to zip up (this also makes it a great option for those with disabilities or the elderly!)

zipper bedding for kids

Evangeline has the Chic White set–¬†so simple and beautiful for a little girl’s room. The boys have the Game On Gray. The modern striped pattern is exactly what I had envisioned for their room (and the colors don’t bleed in the wash!) They also just released this Goldie Dots set that I’m dying over! ¬†Follow them on instagram for discounts and giveaways!

Here’s the video we made! Stayed tuned for the rest of the room makeovers in the next few days with before and after pictures (I couldn’t fit it all in one post!) Thanks for reading!

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