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Kai is 3

Kai is 3 (and has been for a few weeks) but I’m just getting around to typing up his “interview” answers that we did on his birthday.
Age: 3
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite animal: bunny
Favorite song: Jesus loves the little children
Favorite toy: trucks
Favorite game: Funny Bunny
Favorite food: chicken, hot dogs, and little ham & cheese sandwiches
Favorite drink: milk
Favorite dessert: cookies
Favorite thing to do with mommy: make cookies
Favorite thing to do with daddy: play chess
Favorite thing to do with Liam: play with trains
Favorite thing to do with Kingston: push him on his bike
Best friend: Mysti
What he wants for birthday dinner: Pizza
Favorite movie: Chronicles of Narnia
Favorite restaurant: Chick Fil A
Favorite instrument: Drums with Woody
What do you want to do when you grow up: work with daddy at Chick Fil A
Favorite superheroes: Superman and Robin

Now, some of these answers are not very consistent with what he tells me the other times I ask. But these are the answers he gave me that day. Liam also answered the questions that day but we already did one for him for his birthday (pre-blog) and I will do it again when he turns 5. That’s coming too soon! But not as soon as Evangeline’s due date, only 10 days away!

toddler boy


birthday boy


mom and toddler


dad and toddler boy


birthday cookie cake


birthday boy is 3


cute toddler smiling


kai 4
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