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Kai Guy

It is a great feeling to get to sleep in when you are the mother of 3 young children. Kingston slept until nearly 10 am. Liam and Kai were playing and giggling and letting me sleep. It was definitely needed.

Last night Liam and I went to cheer on “our team” playing volleyball. We won’t talk about final scores, but we had a lot of fun and Soli Deo Gloria (Rockport’s team) did really well. Liam had the best time paying attention to the score and cheering when they scored. Kai, on the other hand, was a little bit disappointed to miss out. You see, I was planning to take him with us. As we were eating dinner, about 30 minutes before we had to leave, he fell asleep…literally at the table. I couldn’t wake him up so we went without him. Imagine the disappointment of a 2 year old who had been talking about seeing Maggi play volleyball all day. He wakes up and missed the whole thing. He shed a few tears about missing that. So I guess that means we will have to make it to another game.

Anyway, while I have a minute, I will write a little something about the current middle child, Kai. He has a totally different personality than Liam. He is more wild, a lot less in to learning. He is a crazy dancer and could keep us entertained for hours with his dance moves. He and Liam are really in to superheroes right now, thanks to Kim and Don. Every time we read a story or watch a movie, Kai has to know which one is the bad guy and which one is the good guy. He is more of a daddy’s boy. I guess I can’t have them all to myself. I love to watch him and Liam play together for hours every day. Or listen to their off tune singing. At the moment, they’re very loudly singing “Better is One Day.” His favorite animal is a purple rhinoceros. And all his other favorite things usually change depending on what Liam says. He looks up to Liam and wants to be just like his big brother. I feel really blessed to be able to see their relationship develop and I can’t wait to see when Kingston is finally able to really join in and not be a “nuisance” to them anymore.

I love my little Kai Guy with the crazy hair and the crazy personality to match.

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cute toddler with messy hair
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